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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Chin Huat Live Seafood

Making my first visit to Chin Huat Live Seafood at Sunset way. It is quite a shame that I have been hearing about this reputable Seafood place in Sunset way since my school days but never had a chance to sit and dine in at this place. The interior was modern and the layout is similar to the Chinese restaurant with an elegant table cloth over the round tables in the dining area. 

Chin Huat Live Seafood
The experienced manager whom came to our table to take orders was amiable. We took her advice on the dishes we ordered and was satisfied at the end of the session with every food served. Servers were attentive and up to the mark. 

Choosing Live Seafood

The poached Geoducks are absolutely worth mentioning. Being a seasonal item on the menu, we were lucky to enjoy these Geoduck poached in Premium Japanese Soy Sauce, topped with fresh crunchy bean sprouts.

Bamboo Clam 白灼象拔蚌 - $16.80 Each

Seafood freshness is beyond any doubt especially when these Bamboo Clams were served steamed where freshness of seafood is expected.

Cross Section of Bamboo Clams

Before having these crustaceans on the table, we had them picked from the storage tanks fresh. The Boston Lobster was on Promotion Price and we got to take of picture of them holding it alive. This Lobster was served in 3 dishes and we had them as a cold dish on the first dish.

Boston Lobster 波士顿龙虾 - $259.60 (Promotion Price)

Shell of the Crustacean was decked up by a heap of shaved ice with some meat stacked up by the side of it covered with luscious salad cream sauce. The sweet medium flavour lobster was firm in texture and has a rich taste. 

The Cooked Lobster

The 2nd dish we had from the lobster was doles out from the kitchen in soup form. We were all served individually with a claypot. The naturally sweet tasting soup comprises of the meat of the lobster mixed with carrot, mushrooms and spring onions. I thought it was unique to be served in this style.


The last part of the 3 dishes from the lobster will be this outstanding plate of wet bee hoon. The plate of Bee Hoon was packed with "Wok Hei" taste and up to the mark. The sweet gravy coupled with the lobster meat was simple and yummy. Other ingredients include beansprouts, leek, carrot and coriander.

Bee Hoon

What a great style to serve Sri Lanka Crab! This species of crab is most commonly consumed in Singapore and its plump succulent meat never disappoints. While we usually have these crabs cooked with the mainstream flavours like black pepper, chilli, or even salted egg crab, the Sales Manager recommended that this crab can be served in their pumpkin sauce.

Sri Lanka Crab 招牌斯里兰卡金黄蟹 (南瓜汁)- $96.86, Fried Buns - $6

The execution of pumpkin sauce over the crab was quite similar to a salted egg flavour. If not for the clarification with the friendly Sales Manager, we would have thought Salted Egg was part of the ingredient. She explained that the real pumpkin was mashed after steaming to make the sauce, therefore the powdery texture. The taste was enhanced with some curry leaves and birds eye chilli. 

The golden sauce cooking style involves deep frying process which may cause the meat to stick to the crab shell, however this scenario is not an indication of the freshness of the crab. 

I want to have this again! I mean the Sauce :)

It is not very often we get to dine in at a live seafood restaurant and this was a rare occasion. Service was impeccable and the food standard was better than average. The experience in Chin Huat Live Seafood certainly gave every one of us a good impression.   

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Chin Huat Live Seafood
105 Clementi Street 12, Sunset Way, #01-30, Singapore 120105

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