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Friday, May 6, 2022

Yu Jie Fish Soup

While searching for fish soup and new stalls to try, we came across Yu Jie Fish Soup and they have a rather high online rating. Out of Curiosity, I travelled down and give it a try. The fish soup stall has a typical menu of what we would expect, Seafood Soup, Fish Soup, Mee Hoon Kuay / You Mian.

Yu Jie Fish Soup

I had the Double Fish (Sliced Fish as well as Fried Fish) with Koka Noodle as my preferred choice of Noodles. The soup was tasty with hints of cooking wine and coupled with vegetables as a natural sweetener to the soup.

Dual Fish Koka Noodles - $5

Fried Fish was good especially when you dipped into their sour and spicy chilli while the fish slices were generously thick.

Dual Fish

Overall, the taste does stand out a bit and I don't mind returning for their fish soup again.

Rating: 3.25  / 5

Yu Jie Fish Soup
Tong Lai Eating House, Blk 283 Bukit Batok East Ave 3, #01-285 Singapore 650283

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