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Monday, May 2, 2022


Dario is an Italian eatery serving pizza, pasta and more. They are housed along Clementi Road since Feb 2015 and have been bringing quality Italian Food taste to West Coast of Singapore with friendly and professional service.


The dining place was line up along the perimeter of the shop where diners can enjoy looking out through the full length glass panels into Clementi Road. The natural lightings had made the dining place bright and comfortable especially on a sunny day like this.

Dining Area

We ordered cups of Ice Lime Mint Tea as beverages. It's homemade and with the use of Thai Lime in which lets out the refreshing fragrance of the fruit. 

Homemade Ice Lime Mint Tea - $5.50

The Aglio & Olio can be done in 3 kinds of variations, bacon, prawns or mushroom. Spaghetti was cooked to Al Dente texture and tossed with prawns, garlic, chilli and olive oil. Choice of Pasta can be in Penne too.

Aglio & Olio (Prawn) - $20

Looking into their Signature Pizzas, I had the Selvaggia when translated from Italian it means Wild. This was recommended in the menu and their 12" pizza can be divided into two different flavours if you want. 

Selvaggia - $29

The pizza was thin crust and topped with tomato sauce base with mozzarella cheese, cooked ham, salame, sausage and bacon. The Thin Crust pizza was crispy and it seems like we had enjoyed the pizza spread on a piece of biscuit.

Selvaggia Closed Up

How can we complete an Italian meal without their desserts? The wobbly Homemade Panna Cotta was topped with either chocolate or Strawberry Sauce. 

Homemade Panna Cotta - $8

Tiramisu was served in a short glass bottle layered with mascarpone cheese as well as lady's fingers. Cocoa powdered witll sprinkled on the top.

Homemade Tiramisu

We decided to give the Nutella Tart a try. The tart was homemade with 3 different layers with a biscuit base and crumbs top sandwiched with thickened Nutella Chocolate in between. The plate of dessert was showered with some cocoa and icing sugar powder.

Homemade Crostata Alla Nutella - $9

The size of the Homemade Crostata alla Nutella is small. It might taste a bit sweet for some but pairing with a cup of Hot Espresso or Cappuccino should be fine.

Looking at the crumbs

Washing down the dessert with cups of coffee. Though there is no Art on the foam of the coffee, the Cappuccino smell good.

Cappuccino - $5.50

While I ended my meal with the Latte Macchiato and a satisfying session.

Latte Macchiato - $6

Italian fare in Dario is pretty decent and if you are looking for a cozy ambience to fix some Italian Cravings or even the urge to munch on some yummy Authentic Italian thin crust pizza, this place will be a good choice.

Rating: 3 / 5

 6 Clementi Road, Singapore 129741

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