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Thursday, April 21, 2022

TOBY'S The Dessert Asylum

This impromptu trip to Toby's had kind of surprised me that their menu had extended to fit the local's taste bud in selling Kopi and Toasts set for breakfast as well as selling the local's Curry Rice and Noodles. I thought what a big switch from those Pasta and Western Food that had already been there!

TOBY'S The Dessert Asylum

Nonetheless. we had the Buddy Meal for the choice of 2 mains that comes free with drinks at $11 Nett without ordering the pasta or western food.

Buddy Meal

The Curry Rice will cost $6.90 per plate if we are taking ala carte, without the buddy meal. The meal was simple with a slab of Pork Cutlet chopped uniformly into sizes, a sunny side up egg and braised vegetables.

Pork Cutlet Curry Rice

The curry rice was executed in the Hainanese Style way where rice was both drenched in curry sauce as well as black braised sauce. The pork chop was deep fried with rough biscuits crackers on its batter and maintained a good thickness. It looked a bit dry but they did go well with the generous amount of gravy given.

Pork Chop

The rights ratio of meat and fat from the braised pork belly was commendable. The meat was fork-tender and well braised to its brownish colour. 

Pork Belly Curry Rice

These meat were soaked in the savoury curry generously given by TOBY's.

Look at the Braised Pork Belly

Our set meal comes with 2 glasses of soft drinks and we had chosen root beer.

Drink - Rootbeer

It is a good initiative that the menu includes local meals like this. A good bargain given the hearty portions too.

Rating: 3 / 5

TOBY'S The Dessert Asylum
Tradehub 21, 8 Boon Lay Way, #01-35, Singapore 609964

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