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Thursday, February 24, 2022

DurianBB 榴莲宝宝 - Master Class

DurianBB was just a few doors away from the popular Taiwanese Cafe Eat 3 Bowls. DurianBB is founded by a team of avid durian enthusiasts, aiming to deliver happiness to the world with the fine gourmet quality in durians. 


The place is lovely decorated with DurianBB Mascot. They do have a merchandise corner where patrons can get souvenirs like plush, mugs, mousepads, cushions, umbrellas, packaged snacks etc. If you are game for some challenge, you can even head to their claw machine, it's all located within the place.


Look at these small real durians that were dropped from the trees in the plantation and were made into sovenirs.

Real Durian

The adorable mascots are everywhere in the shop and this really makes the place lively, in line with their purpose of "Delivering Happiness".

Awww...This is so cute

We participate in the Durian BB (Master Class) (SGD 58) and this gives us the opportunity to learn all about Durians from the Grand Master Dato Paul. Here's what you will achieve after attending the lesson

Master Class Course Outline 
  • Growth of Durian
  • MSW 5 Stars / 6 Stars
  • MSW Brown VS Green Husk
  • Malaysian Durian VS Thai Durian
  • Borneo Durian
  • Durian Ancestors
  • Durian’s Closest Relative
  • No of Genes: Durian Vs Human
  • Myths About Durians
At Durian BB Master Class

The class embarked us on a guided tasting journey with different cultivars of Malaysian Durian and also allow us to enjoy their Signature 50/50 Mao Shang Wang Gelato Bar.

Gelato Bar & Passport

Do you know that there is actually how many types of Durian are there and why are the durian spices identified by D followed by the number? 

Your Durian Passport

Included in the session: Enjoy a frozen treat with the Musang King Gelato Bar which is a combination of durian and gelato at the ratio of 50:50. Genuine Musang King Flesh was incorporated with Italian gelato and you can taste the fibrous texture as well as the burst of rich durian flavours. Get yourself some chilling treats here!

50/50 Musang King Gelato Bar - $6.50

Here's the start of the Master Class and we welcomed the Grand Master Dato Paul. He is the founding President of the Malaysia Durian Exporters Association. He is also the host of Durian Parties for 3 Different Terms of Prime Ministers and Parliaments of Malaysia as well as over 30,000 guests in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing

Welcoming Dato Paul

Dato Paul's sharing about the meaning behind DBB. 

Dato Paul's Opening on DurianBB

It was a great sharing session and we were very thankful that we had learnt a lot about durians from this Master Class.

Here comes the Grand Master

Look at the tasting platters for the class, we got to learn about each durian's characteristics.

Tasting Platters for the Class

These luring golden nuggets were just too tempting.

Grab the gold nuggets

Here's the tasting platter with different types of Durian. Be intrigued by the aroma, texture and taste from each type of durian on the Platter.

We received the following types of durian on the Tasting Platter :
  • D78 Sweetie 甜女儿
  • D88 Darling 小甜甜
  • D2 Dato Nina 梦中情人
  • D160 Tekka 竹脚
  • D24 Tan Sri XO 丹斯里XO
  • D197 Musang King 猫山王
The Tasting Platter

If you prefer to sample the durians with gloves on, DurianBB has both wet tissues and Gloves prepared for the participants. 

Gloves and Wet Tissue

Enjoying Durian in Gloves?

Yeah! We have graduated and had received a certification in their Master Class for we had passed the quiz at the end of the session :)

DurianBB Master Class - Certificate of Graduation

Thanks, Sherman & Xiao Yu for inviting us to this knowledgeable and wonderful session.

DurianBB Singapore (榴莲宝宝)
Location: 462 Crawford Lane, #01-65, Singapore 190462
Nearest Station: Lavender (EW11)


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