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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Yakiniku Go Plus

To all beef lovers out there, now you can experience the world's highest grade, A5 Miyazaki, in different cuts. 

Yakinuku- Go Plus offers not only premium cuts of beef but also a smoke-free and fuss-free environment. With such a comfortable setting, diners can really indulge themselves without worrying about the smell that lingers on their clothing after the meal. 

Yakiniku-Go Plus+

Topping up the meal with Chawanmushi. The Japanese Steamed Egg Consists of Japanese Fish Cake, chicken, mushroom and Ginkgo Nut.

Chawanmushi - $2.20

Topping up the set at $3 with Salad and rice. Salad comes with greens, shredded cabbage and cheery tomatoes topped with roasted sesame sauce.

Double Karubi Set (200g) - $21.80

The star of the meal will be this A5 Miyazaki Wagyu that is one of the world's best beef boosting the highest quality of Japanese Black Breed. 

The Miyazaki Sukiyaki came in a bowl of thin slices of meat soaked in a dark sauce with a small block of butter given with assorted mushrooms by the side.

Wagyu A5 Miyazaki Rib Rosu Steak & Sukiyaki - $58.80

Place Miyazaki Sukiyaki in the aluminium tray with mushrooms, butter and heated them over the grill.


Once the meat turns brown and the mushrooms turn soft, get ready to eat. It tasted so good with the sauce soaked among the meat and mushrooms.


The uniform marbling of meat was a beauty. It tells us the quality of Miyazaki Rib Rosu Steak.

Miyazaki Rib Rosu Steak

Looking at the nicely form patterns from the Miyazaki Karuki, I could not help but to say that its making me hungry even now.

Miyazaki Karuki

I'm getting impatient as I wait for the meat to be grilled. Haha.

Grilling in Progress
Grilling in Progress

This is way too yummy. The grilled beef is so good in the sauce alone.

Grill, Grilled, Grilling

Dipping into the sauce

Even the fragrant pearl white rice complements it well.

Pairing with white rice

With a number of Yakiniku Go Outlets in the malls, there is a high chance that I will return for their food. For the quality, I will say that money is well spent. The service was good and I noticed that the staff holds a bag of cleaning kit to clean up the table after customers left. This made them look so professional.

Rating: 4 / 5

Yakiniku Go Plus
Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard #01-353/354  Singapore 038983 (West Wing)

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