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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Whisk & Paddle

Updated November 20222

We had a cafe-hopping afternoon and ended up in Whisk & Paddle for some little chats while sipping away some Whisky on the Rocks and some refreshing Elderflower Lemongrass Mint Tea.

Whisky on the Rocks & Iced Elderflower Lemongrass Mint Tea
Whisky on the Rocks & Iced Elderflower Lemongrass Mint Tea - $13.80 & $7.50

Pairing our drinks, we have some Calamari bar bites. These rings were battered and deep-fried. Dipping them into the Tatar Sauce makes it complete.

Calamari - $13.80

After numerous visits, the Fresh Clams in White Wine Sauce is still one of my comfort food from Whisk & Paddle. Simply love its strong aromatic White Wine and natural seafood sweetness. Dipping the toasts in the stock makes everything so good.

Fresh Clams in White Wine Sauce
Fresh Clams in White Wine Sauce - $16.80

For people who reside in Punggol area, Whisk & Paddle is of no stranger for it is located along the river side. I have been there a few years back when I was looking for branch in Punggol area. Now that it has opened another outlet in the West, we are really glad.

Opening its door to the public since 5th September in Bukit Gombak Park, Whisk & Paddle is housed in a glass house theme structure surrounded by lush greeneries. It is conveniently located with a stone throw away from Bukit Gombak MRT and PCN (Park Connector Network)

Whisk & Paddle
Whisk & Paddle

Fortunately for this period, we are still able to dine in a small group and catch up over a glass of beer and some food to fill ourselves.

Beer - $13

Fresh clams were served in skillet and comes with 2 slices of toasts. Clams were big and plump. 

Fresh Clams
Fresh Clams

Broth was naturally sweetened by these seafood with hints of garlic and butter aroma. We enjoyed the dish however the soup may be on a salty side alone, therefore its best goes with the toasts.

For Clams lover
For Clams lover

The battered haddock fish was fried to golden brown perfection. The dish was served with thick-cut fries and tartar sauce. If you enjoy Fish & Chips, you cannot go wrong ordering it.

Fish & Chips
Fish & Chips - $25.80

Chilling with good food overlooking the lush greeneries through the grass house. 

Chilling over a meal and a glass of beer
Chilling over a meal and a glass of beer

Pizza crust was thin and crispy with parts of it charred.  We were kind of engulfed by the fragrance of lemon grass at the moment it was served. The ingredients were visible, topping the crust with red onions and a handful of cut prawns.

Tom Yum Pizza
Tom Yum Pizza - $24.80

I was thinking what drinks to order and in the end I went ahead with refreshing smoothie consist of Watermelon and Lychee Flavour. 

Watermelon Lychee Smoothie
Watermelon Lychee Smoothie - $8.50

If you are driving there, do note that the park lots are rather limited.

Updated October 2021

Making a return trip is inevitable especially when it's new in the area. The Lychee Mint Cooler is refreshing with sweetened lychee floating on the cooling soda with mint leaves enhancing its taste. It's a pretty common drink served in the cafe together with the Iced Latte. While the Iced Cappuccino is executed in a not so common way - it was served in coffee iced cubes and a bottle of milk for us to pour into it.

Lychee Mint Cooler, Iced Latte & Iced Cappuccino
Lychee Mint Cooler, Iced Latte & Iced Cappuccino - $7.50, $6.80 and $6.80 Respective;y

Besides having repeated orders of my last visit, we have pasta for sharing. Crabmeat Linguine is tantalising. The texture of linguine was not too soft and the firmness was perfect. The taste of crustacean meat was very well blended with chilli.

Crabmeat Linguine
Crabmeat Linguine - $19.80

The Duck & Lychee Pizza did not disappoint. With the trust of Whisk & Paddle's quality food, I will say this Duck & Lychee Pizza is a good order. It's more of a savoury taste topped with slices of duck meat, lychee and corn kernels. Recommended!

Duck & Lychee Pizza
Duck & Lychee Pizza - $19.80

3.25 / 5

Whisk & Paddle
Location: 816 Bukit Batok West Ave 5 #01-01 Singapore 659089
Nearest Station: Bukit Gombak (NS3)

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