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Friday, May 21, 2021

Cheese Story Mookata Buffet

 As we walked around the building thinking about what to eat after learning that our initial plan of having Mookata buffet was smashed due to that the shop was closed for a short period of time, we decided on an alternative Mookata Buffet at Cheese Story. 

Cheese Story Mookata Buffet

Before the pandemic, diners can help themselves with the free flow of food items from the designated collection point. Diners have to fill up the form on their preferred order.

Meat Platter

The server set up the Mookata stove with few big pieces of pork lard in the middle of the pot surrounded by a pool of stock and a small tray of cheese by the side.

Pork Lard

Let's wait for the pot to get hot and the lard to be melted so as to oil the pot.

Melting Lard

Besides having meat, we do order some vegetables, quail eggs and vermicelli items.

Vegetables and Quail Eggs

Here are some more of our orders with cheese tofu, fish cake, hotdog, dumplings, luncheon meat etc.

Items in Food Tray

Do not worry about the shells if you are ordering the crayfish as the server on duty will help us to deshell.

Crayfish, prawns & Abalone Slices

One of the consolations is that the service includes deshell of the crayfish which we find quite comfortable. The staff on duty will do it on the spot in front of us with a pair of gloves.

Deshelled Crayfish

Other than that, the free flow of oysters. The oysters are plump and they are generous with the servings.


Other than Oysters, abalone, prawns, and crayfish. We have ordered bamboo clams, scallops, Lala, sotong (Squid) and deshelled prawns that were marinated with garlic chilli.


Here's our second round of meat, They are marinated with black pepper and garlic. 

Different Meat Orders

Let's dig in! The chilli they provided is not too bad but I prefer to dip most of my food into the cheese tray.

Let's dig in

The shredded cheese was left at the side tray of the Mookata pot to melt with Nachos cheese. For the price of $29.90 Nett for Buffet style of Mookata, I find it worthwhile with the unlimited flow of seafood. Drinks are unlimited too and the server will come with a trolley of drinks and assist to top up our cups.


For the quantity and money, I will say one can enjoy having Mookata at a budgeted price. If you don't mind spending more on quality style Mookata, there are better ones within Golden Mile Complex.

Rating: 3 / 5

Cheese Story Mookata Buffet
 Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Rd,  #02-01, Singapore 199588

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