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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Eat 3 Bowls 呷三碗

Post edited on 27th August 2021

Having visited Eat 3 Bowls (呷三碗) of Crawford Lane in 2019, I am pleased that they have opened another branch in the West area. 

Outside the Shop

While queueing, you may take a look at the signage outside for their recommended food to order. Not to worry if you are unsure what to order, do approach their friendly staff on duty for recommendations too.

Signage outside the shop

In case you are wondering where is the nearest MRT stations to Eat 3 Bowls, they are 300m to Pasir Panjang MRT and 900m to Labrador Park MRT.

Nearest Station

The theme here depicts a train station while the one in Crawford lane shows a classroom environment. There are many iconic sceneries in Taiwan as part of the shop's design.

Theme of Railway

Shop Interior

Crowd and queues start to form shortly after we settled down. It seems like this Taiwanese shop is pretty popular among the office workers around too. The interior was much more simpler and straight forward in design with wooden chairs and tables. 


Menu was a mini booklet illustrated with a colorful cover. Though it the menu is slightly different from the other branch.


Unlike the outlet in Crawford Lane whereby patrons can order a set of 3 small bowls of Taiwan's Staple delicacy at $15, this outlet does not offer the same. Therefore we order each of them, however the portion is bigger.

Our Orders

Our orders are here! Can't wait and let's dig in!

Our Orders

Its tough to skip beverages like Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Pearls in Taiwan. The drink was not too sweet and pretty average. Likewise for the Cocoa Latte, the sweetness and taste was just nice.

Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Pearls 黑糖珍珠撞奶 - $4.30 
Cocoa Latte 巧克力浓可可 - $4.80

As for the Passion Fruit QQ drink, we get to choose the sugar level base on our preference. Besides having pearls in the passion fruit drink, the drink comes with jelly strips too.

Passion Fruit QQ 百香果QQ 绿茶- $4.80

Refreshing drinks like Lemon with Wintermelon and Milk Tea with Pudding are great pairings to the meal too.

Lemon with Wintermelon Tea 柠檬冬瓜茶 & Milk Tea with Pudding 布丁奶茶 - $4.30 Each

The crispy chicken is only available in this outlet. If you have been to Taiwan, this snack is no stranger in their night market. 

Crispy chicken 酥炸盐酥鸡 - $7.80

As a century egg and pork floss lover, such cold dish cannot skip my eyes. Simply love such combination of century egg soaked in the sweet soy sauce and cold wobbly toufu, covered generously by the floss.

Tofu with Century Egg 皮蛋豆腐 - $4.80

The Taiwan Sausage was great with the slices of garlic and coriander leaves. The taste was such familar that it had reminded me of the times where I used to buy them in the Night Markets while in Taiwan. 

Taiwan Sausage 台湾烤香肠 - $4.20

The ratio of meat to fat of the pork belly was pretty decent and with these thin slices, they remind me of Shabu Shabu. The sauce was sweet and coupled with garlic paste which elevate the taste of a plain simple dish.

Sliced Pork Belly with Garlic Sauce 蒜泥白肉 - $7.20

The braised pork rice is laudable. It is deliciously good with a good balance of fatty and non fatty pork meat that literally melts in the mouth. With the savory sweet braised sauce over the fluffy short grain rice, the bowl of rice was utterly addictive. 

Braised Pork Rice 古早味卤肉饭 - $5

This is not the usual chicken rice we had in Singapore. The rice is of lighter flavors than ours and comes in shredded chicken on top of the short fluffy grains topped with caramelized onions. The savory sweet sauce again together with the meat makes the bowl of rice delectable. 

Taiwanese Chicken Rice 鸡肉饭 - $5

The bowl of Oyster Mee Sua with Intestine had whet my appetite. The thickness of the bonito flakes infused broth with some garlicky and vinegar flavors. It's really good. 

Oyster Intestine Mee Sua 大肠面线 - $7.20 

With the current travel restrictions, its tough that we can be overseas. Eat 3 bowls have kind of satisfied some of the Taiwanese Food and snacks craving. However, since this branch is having the theme of Rail Station, I'm wondering where is the dish of Rail Road Bento 铁路便当 as I really miss it. It will be great if they can have this on their menu too. Services were friendly and the taste is authentic. I will be back again to try their Sautéed Beef Cube with garlic and others. 

Rating: 4 / 5

Eat 3 Bowls 呷三碗
103 Pasir Panjang Road Singapore 118531
Nearest MRT Station: Pasir Panjang (CC26)

Post edited on 27th August 2021

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