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Monday, April 26, 2021

Ding Jian Hong Kong Style Charcoal Roasted

So much of media ravings about the Charcoal roasted "Dang Gui" (Angelica herb) in Bukit Batok district, its hard to resist especially when such item is not so common in the coffeeshop. The herb is often known for its health benefits to enrich blood and promote blood circulation as well as improving immunity and digestion.

Ding Jian Hong Kong Style Charcoal Roasted

The noodle was well mixed in its sauce and texture was springy.


Rice was generously drenched with braised sauce.


The glistering skin of the duck was charcoal roasted with traditional taste. The skin color was presentable in its brown orange appearance and packed full of the herby aroma. The Angelica infused meat was succulent and has a good substantial amount of fats. At the base of the plate, you will find thick Angelica Herb gravy which is a perfect combination to go with the plain white rice.

Half Roasted Duck with Drum Stick

Char Siew was lean and not those kind of Hong Kong Style meat that we thought that would have come with fatty meat. However this is a sweet and healthier version of it. Roasted Meat on the other hand is nothing fanciful and rather ordinary without too much of crackling skin.

Roasted Meat and Char Siew

Altogether, the meal cost us $27.70 with the meat and braised eggs as shown. Overall, I find that the star is still Dang Gui duck and we can skip the rest of the roasted meat if you have limited stomach space to try on.

Total $27.70

3.25 / 5

Ding Jian Hong Kong Style Charcoal Roasted
 440 Bukit Batok West Ave 8, Singapore 650440

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