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Thursday, January 28, 2021

The Hainan Story 海南宝

While the media has been all over with the launch of "The Hainan Story" located in The Hillion Mall, we find it an interesting concept whereby this restaurant features a 5-in-1 multi-brand stall. To name a few, one will be quite familiar to the F&B name of Ah Chiang's Porridge & Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice. Besides these two, there are other popular foods like their Uncle Robert Western and Newspaper Curry Rice.

The Hainan Story

With the arrival of peak hours, the queue was quite long with safety ambassadors out there keeping an eye on the safety distance practice. 

The Hainan Story Pillar

The interior was like a semi-modern coffeeshop with old school white and green tiles. Diners get to enjoy sitting on wooden rattan chairs and marble top table. 

Stalls and Seating

The area was brightly lighted up. Seating was adequate and the staff will assist in securing seats for us as soon as we stepped into the floor.


All Hainanese Toast Set include Soft Boiled Egg, Coffee/Tea (200ml) or cold Beverage Upsize or switching to cold beverage at additional cost. The homemade Gula Melaka Kaya & Butter set includes soft boiled egg and a cold beverage upsize. The homemade Gula Melaka is notable for it is fresh with no preservatives added and has 1 week of shelf life.

Hainanese Toast Set - $6.50

Here comes the newspaper Hainanese curry rice set. Not to worry, your meal is not placed on the physical copy of the newspaper but instead a faux newspaper. Each set comes with choice of vegetables: stewed Hainanese Vegetable or heavenly four and choice of egg dish, either fried egg or long bean egg omelette.

Mama Wee Curry Chicken Drumstick Set was served with steamed rice, prawn cracker, Sambal  Tempeh, Sambal Belacan. We have chosen long bean egg omelette with Hainanese Stewed vegetables.  Curry Chicken was flavourful and the style floats my boat. The meat was so tenderly cooked and fall off from its bone easily.

Mama Wee Curry Chicken Drumstick Set - $7.80

The chicken drumstick was thoroughly coated drenched in the curry gravy and was tantalizing. 


It's similar to the previous Hainanese Rice Set but instead of Drumsticks, we have braised pork belly meat and a different selection of vegetables here. However, the Heavenly Four vegetables were kind of oily and not to our liking.

Mama Wee Hainanese "Kou Rou" set - $8.80

While the braised pork belly was tender and tasted great.

Braised Pork belly

If you are ordering from Uncle Robert's stall, the notable item to go will be its old school's 1980's Hainanese Pork cutlet Coated with Potato Chips Crumbs Served with Corn Kernal Salad and Onion Ring. Diners can choose between the Rojak Yogurt Sauce or White BBQ Sauce.

1980's Hainanese Pork Cutlet Coated with Potato Chips Crumbs - $15.80

The exterior texture of Hainanese Pork Cutlet was tougher than I thought. The Pork Cutlet was coated with potato chips crumbs.


This is one of their recommended food if you are looking for the chicken chop. It is served with salted egg fish skin salad and a choice of side dish. The chicken chop was tender and topped with grilled cheese as well as sweet-sour sauce.

Grilled Cheese Chicken Chop with Sweet & Sour Sauce - $14.80

Overall, I find that this concept of offering a variety of Hainanese food in the food court is pretty interesting. It gives the diner a fresh experience and a one-stop-shop to enjoy the food.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Hainan Story
17 Petir Rd, #01-15/16 Hillion Mall, Singapore 678278

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