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Tuesday, October 6, 2020


Hidden away in the Bukit Timah enclave, Choupinette been serving classic French dishes since 2002. When translated from French, "Choupinette" means "Sweetie Pie" in French.

The cafe also doubles up as a bakery where you can see lovely homemade loves displayed in the wooden baskets near the entrance.


It was an impromptu breakfast arrangement on a Saturday morning and we did not make an advance reservation. We approached the cafe as walk-in customers. We were then told that they were fully booked till 11am and they will call us in 20 minutes time if there were empty seats.

Can you spot the loaves?

The menu items are rather limited and have no illustrations.


The doughnut stick was said to be on the house, the reason being that they have kept us waiting. 

Doughnut Stick

The Ema's Set is the basic set among all and only served until noon. This gives us a choice of croissant or pain au chocolate or sultana or small brioche or wholemeal mini-baguette with butter and jam. 

All sets on the menu are served with fruit juice and any coffee or hot tea or even hot chocolate. It quite out of the ordinary practise that they offer 2 glasses of drinks in a meal.

Chocolate Brioche

The chocolate brioche is a perfect addition to a simple breakfast. The buns are pillowy soft and consist of chocolate.

Cross Section of Chocolate Brioche

The set comes with a glass of fruit juice and we have cranberry and lime juice. These are not freshly squeezed juices and most probably some carton juices that can be bought off from the shelves.

Cranberry & Lime Juice

The Egg's Benedict's is a definite crowd-pleaser as almost each and every table did have one such similar-looking dish as their order. An a la carte order would have it cost at $19 but we have ordered in as a set and that comes with 2 drinks.

Choupinette has nailed it! The Egg's Benedict was perfectly done and well-executed with hollandaise sauce spread on both poached eggs.

Egg's Benedict's Set - $26

Besides just having eggs on toast with ham and hollandaise sauce, I'm actually quite impressed but how crispy the toast was. The texture was simply as good as munching on some biscuits.

Are you moved now?

Here comes our 2nd drink, a glass of hot cappuccino and a glass of ice chocolate.


As an overall, service was ordinary and the cafe space is limited and hard to accommodate a large group. It will be advisable to do a reservation prior to going down to avoid disappointment.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Location: 607 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269708

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