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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Bowen's Pasta | Mains | Brunch

I came across Bowen's while we were heading to the nearby community center. Interestingly, I never know that there is another western food place hidden under the HDB blocks in the vicinity. Instead of going to our usual Western Food place nearby, we came here instead. 

Bowen's Pasta | Mains | Brunch

Sides and chips were served first for our sharing while waiting for our mains. Quality of corns is acceptable and tasty with the coat of butter.

Buttered Corns - $3 & Onion Rings - $4

Wild mushroom soup was drizzled with oil and served with Garlic toast, reasonably priced at $4. However if you have a main course, you can complete your set with this at $3.50 only.
Glad that the soup content was just nice, not too thick nor watery. It's also classified as a Kid's winner dish.

Wild Mushroom Soup - $4

Relatively reasonable price for a plate of presentable Breaded Fish & Chips, tuck with fries and Mesclun green drizzled with vinaigrette. Tartar sauce and lemon wedge is tuck by the side for patrons to enhance the Fish & Chips taste.

Pairing my main with their Signature Fresh turmeric honey and while I expect the taste to be bitter and hard for me to take, it turned out to be the opposite. As we know turmeric powder has detoxing effects on the body and together with honey, this drink has kind of give us energy in its refreshing taste. 

Breaded Fish & Chips - $8.90(Left)
Bowen's signature Fresh turmeric honey - $3.80

Medium done Rieye Steak was good for it price. It was paired with thick cut fries and Mesclun salad. The cut was juicy and yummy, especially when it goes so well with my favourite red wine sauce.

Bowen's Signature Angus Prime Ribeye Steak - $20.50

All in all, food was relatively reasonable price and portion was welcoming. As I read its article pasted on their wall, I came to realize that Bowen's had actually shifted from one of the coffee shops in Jurong West to Pandan Gardens. No wonder I find that its name sounds somehow familar.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Bowen's Pasta | Mains | Brunch
Location: 415 Pandan Garden #01-119 Singapore 600415 

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