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Saturday, December 14, 2019


We had our dining location changed at the eleventh hour when I noticed the sponsored Instagram feed showing up Pappardelle from Porta while I was browsing. Well, advertising works sometimes afterall ~ they attracted diners like me. Ha Ha Ha.

Porta is located in Park Hotel Clark Quay serving modern European cuisine. Unlike majority of other hotel dining restaurant, Porta is located at the ground level of the hotel with a Al Fresco dining section.

Porta Entrance
The cosy environment has a space for gourmet retail products used in their dishes. Besides having the products placed on the series of cabinets, there are more products displayed on their island counters.

Link Way to Hotel

Coaster for our drinks
Warm Butter buns were served swiftly after our orders. As it was a cold day I felt quite hungry, thus I quickly spread some of the butter and munch on it while waiting for our food.

We started our meal with the soup of the day as cream of potato and it was quite ordinary.

Soup of the day - $11
I have been looking around for nice Pappardelle since not many places have it. In fact its this dish that make my trip to Porta. Having tried its first taste, I was rather disappointed. 

Duck Ragout - $24
It was kind of lacking in oomph and was bland in taste though Parmesan sauce and herbs were used. Duck meat on the other hand were generous but too, lacking in taste.

Close Up
As I cut down the pork belly, the knife went through it like hot knife through butter. Maybe I was just exaggerating but certainly the piece of meat was more tender than a piece of Tau Kua. The fat was well rendered and could easily melt in my mouth. The pineapple puree and BBQ sauce had complemented the slab of belly.

Pork Belly - $26
Leaving room for desserts, we had ordered the Black Forest. The dessert served was presented in a creative manner. The dark chocolate lava cake was served with whipped cream topped with coconut shavings. Chocolate shavings has been used in part of the dessert's decoration. Maraschino Cherry was tucked by the side with some coco nibs. It was a bittersweet experience with some crunchy texture.

Black Forest - $14
Yes, its not our usual piece of tiramisu cake. Instead of having them in a whole piece, tiramisu was served in its deconstructed form. Every individual component of the cake was laid nicely on the plate, coffee, lady's finger, Kahlua and Mascarpone Cheese.

Not-Your-Usual Tiramisu - $12
Overall, food quality was not too bad. Apart from that, I find that their service was kind of lacking given a weekday evening. It was slow and perhaps, there is shortage of manpower.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Location: 1 Unity Street Level 1, Park Hotel Clarke Quay, Singapore 237983
Nearest MRT Station: Clarke Quay (NE5)

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