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Tuesday, December 4, 2018


The group of people behind this casual Japanese restaurant is similar to P.S Cafe.

Interior of Jypsy has its unique style and texture. It has a mixture of both rustic and modern look with wooden beams, old school glass panels on the top over the counter seats. Not only that, the large hanging overhead wicker lanterns works well in the theme too.

Interior of Jypsy
Even the use of corrugated zinc sheets over here make the roof special comparing to other restaurants.

With the plump cushions and dining under those warm lights from the fabric lanterns, it lends a cosy vibe. Not forgetting its quiet environment too.

Even the menu is just a folded piece of paper and can be thrown away after use. Menu is extensive, if you are looking for recommendations, you can find it in the menu or the chalk board hanging above the bar counter seats.

Though these gyoza looks ordinary but its better than your run-of-the mill Gyozas that you find in most Japanese restaurant. The wrap is soft and thin encasing its lobster and crab fillings. What's special will be its mouthwatering dipping sauce that made up of prawn bisque and dashi foam.

Lobster & Crab Gyoza (6 pcs) - $15
Sushi was rolled into rice balls, wrapped with Unagi, foie gras, pickled wasabi and green apple oroshi.

5 Stones - $19
Love the slightly torched Unagi and foie gras, each one of the stones was flavourful and a dish that one may want to order when back here again.

A dish well executed. Though it was an individual portion (not for sharing), I was kind of hooked by the smokey flavours of the Unagi Fried Rice and finished about half of it ~ ending up sharing my main portion too. Wok fried rice may looked dull but with the others pairing of Tofu, pickle, egg omelette, slaw and unagi on the plate, the presentation looked better. Altogether with the soft unagi, it make every mouthful so delicious.

Smokey Unagi Fried Rice - $22
The pulled beef shortrib as well as crunchy cabbage was sandwiched by the toasted soft butter brioche.

Obasan's sticky beef sliders - $15
Meat is sweet and soft with a good taste.

A close look at the beef slider
Bamboo shoot, silver sprouts, seaweed, soft boiled egg, noodles, leek and Jypsy crispy chilli oil made up the bowl of charred Charsiu Ramen.

Charred Charsiu Ramen - $17
Stock is light and refreshing, not the usual murky kind I had from Ramen restaurant. And over here, of course there isn't a choice noodle's firmness. Nevertheless, the smokey flavours from Char Siu was consistent and even the soft boil egg is commendable.

Yum Yum!
Drinks were refreshing and a quencher to us while waiting for the dishes above to arrive.

Sparkling Yuzu & Lemon Grass & Cold Press Nashi pear - $9.50 Each
Overall, I'm charmed by its peaceful environment and quality of food. Its good for gathering if you want a stay away from the bustling city life especially during weekends. There are a number of starters that you can share among your friends, so gathering in a big group should not be an issue over here.

Rating: 4 / 5

 No.38 Martin Road, Singapore 239072

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