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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Super Lobster Restaurant 龍皇海鲜樓

Weeks back, my colleague was still mentioning to me about another place to explore in Malaysia will be Pengerang for their lobsters. Never did I realize that I will be here as this seems to be the nearest recommended place from our Hotel in Desaru as others were closed.

Super Lobster Restaurant 
The restaurant was not any typical run down eating place that we seen in Johor. It is renovated and well ventilated with fans and ventilators around.

With ample of parking space in front of the restaurant, one do not have to worry.

Parkign Space

Calamansi, Pure Lime Plum Juice & Ice Jelly - RM 3 Each
Tasted nice but the style was not my preferred choice of Salted Egg as texture tends to be a little powdery and lumpy.  However, I would comment that it still will not lose out to an average plate of fried squid flavoured with salted egg.

Squid Fried with Salted Egg 咸蛋蘇东 - RM 26 (Small) 
I'm quite impressed with their lobster menu and would say that I'm convinced on the varieties they are serving. Besides the cook ones like Special Soup, they also can do it with butter, salted egg, black pepper, ginger egg, red wine and even Sashimi. These "special soup" wording on the menu had caught my attention and we decided to order 1 lobster and share between us. Price of the dish is seasonal base on the crustaceans weight.

How can I resist such plump lobster served in front of me? It's almost impossible. Served fresh with good quality, even the special soup tasted heavenly. Special soup is not watery but a little thicker packed full of herbal taste. Recommended!

Lobster with Special Soup 上汤龙虾 - RM 

Never regretted coming here, for their seafood are fresh and tasty.

Steam Fish with Hong Kong Style 港式蒸鱼 (顺风鱼) - RM 78

This dish had make the disadvantage of ordering the sizzling hotplate dish so prominent with the black sauce splattering all over the table. If we get too close to it during the first few minutest when it was served, we may get scalded by the pipping hot sauce. If I know that the hot plate venison was prepared in black pepper sauce, I might skip it as I'm not really a fan of the sauce. However, to average out, it was rather tasty and not too peppery. 

Hot Plate Venison - RM 26 (Small)
We were not so exaggerating as our table consist of other dishes unlike the table next to us. They had ordered lobster in every dish, lobster with fried noodles, lobster fried with salted egg etc. As this is quite a distance from Singapore Woodlands Check Point, I foresee that I will not be back any sooner. However, if you are lobster lover and don't mind travelling, Super Lobster Restaurant might be a consideration that you may want to splurge your Ringgits on. Afterall with the exchange rate of 1:3, given the quality of food, its still cheaper than what we have in Singapore.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Super Lobster Restaurant
Location: 7, Jalan Jenahak, Kampung Sungai Rengit, 81600 Bandar Penawar, Johor, Malaysia

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