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Monday, October 22, 2018

Soi Thai Soi Nice

I kind of miss authentic Thai Food after the disappearing of Nara Thai in West Gate and there seems none in the nearby malls can offer a good spread of Authentic Thai Food until we found the Soi Thai Soi Nice in the area.

The Thai Crispy Prawn Cakes that comes in the size of doughnut are noteworthy items on the appetizer menu. They are handmade and best of all, the prawns are plum and succulent, unlike some other thai prawn cakes, you will feel short change, lacking in the prawn meat. Dab them into the sweet sour chilli and enjoy.

Breaded Prawn Donut Cakes 酥炸虾卷- $11.90 (Small)
The Pork Collar or Pork Neck is something we have been finding in Thai Restaurant Menu and not many of them have it.We were glad that they have it.

Grilled Pork Neck 香烤猪颈肉 - $13.90 (Small)
This was a killer among the dishes ordered. Moreover, we requested the less spicy version. We had the clear soup version, though the flavours passed its authenticity, we were kind of overwhelmed by its spiciness.

Seafood Tom Yum Soup (Red / Clear) 海鲜东炎汤 (红/清) - $13.90
Ordered the Claypot Prawns Vermicelli at 50% off the usual price with final price of  $8.95 instead at a minimum spending of $30. Prawns were juicy and fresh, not to mention that the Vermicelli was bursting with flavour. It was aromatic and given the hints of peppery taste, I think it is worth a try. One thing to note, becareful of its stainless steel hot pot, don't get scalded.

Claypot Prawns Vermicelli - $17.90

Presentation of the Butterfly Pea Coconut Drink was eye catching. However, I did not expect that it was coconut milk instead of coconut juice.

Butterfly Pea Coconut Drink (Iced) 蝴蝶豌豆香椰冷饮 -  $4.90

I mixed the Butterfly Pea Coconut Drink and it ended up in milky color while my friend had her glass of refreshing Thai Lime Tea.

Thai Lime Tea (Iced) 冷冻泰式青柠红茶 - $3.90
Overall, I find that their menu stands up from the rest, they do even have the royal thai hotpot and can share among friends.

Soi Thai Soi Nice
Location: JEM, 50 Jurong Gateway Rd #03-21 Singapore 608549

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