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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Zhou Jia Soya Bean Milk 周家豆漿店

We heard of Zhou Jia Soya Bean Milk through one of the local TV program recently and decided to do a breakfast itinerary all the way in Keelung from Taipei. Just like a typical local breakfast place in Taiwan, place is quite run down with ceiling fan and light covered with layer of dust.

Look into the Shop
It was said that this is the busiest breakfast place in Keelung but do not worry if you see a long queue as it is for those who are taking away. For dining in patrons, there should be enough sitting.

Lady Serving the Take Away Queue
Popular among the locals, the ladies are working non stop. There are no secrets to how these pancakes were prepared. Just right in front of the shop, you will get to see them busying frying the scallions pancake.

Woman at Work
The dough was already well prepared and placed neatly on the tray, each looking like big flower bud.

It was then being transferred into the oil pan for further processing.

Frying of Scallion Pancake
The "bud" dough was then stamped and flattened, achieving a round shape pancake with about 2 cm thickness, ensuring its taste.

Just for these pancakes, there are already 3 workers tasked in preparation. One frying the pancakes, the other arranging the cooked pancakes and another attending to the take away queue.

Lady Arranging the Pancakes
We were quite lucky to get invited to the 2nd Storey as the 1st Level was fully occupied. Boxes / Baskets of Scallions were left on the rack for airing.

Dining at 2nd Level
Soya Bean Milk and Scallion Pancakes are freshly make daily.

Look into Kitchen from its stairs
Here's our order. Simple and satisfying. Enjoying the breakfast just like a local, not to mentioned that the price of these items cannot be even compared to one breakfast meal back in Singapore. One cup of chill Soya Milk cost only 15 NT$ which is about $0.65 Singapore Dollar. We ordered a fried egg at 10 NT$.

Our Simple Breakfast 
This is the basic and original version of the Scallion Pancake. It is fragrant.

Scallion Pancake 葱油饼 - 17 NT$
If you prefer to have egg for breakfast, you can add on to your Pancake. The egg is plastered onto the pancake.

Scallion Pancake with Egg 蛋饼 - 27 NT$
Though it was fried, this pancake is not overly greasy, what's more to mention is that they are very generous in the ingredients used, chopped scallion especially. The exterior was crispy, not flaky and the first bite into it was great.

By having this pancake and sipping the Soya Bean Milk, you will get a taste of authentic Keelung breakfast.

Scallion Pancake with Egg
If you are ever in Keelung for the morning, Zhou Jia Soya Bean Milk is not to be missed. Want to try out their breakfast? I suggest to go early before these delicious pancakes get sold out. Another tip is that don't get mix up with the queue if you are dining in house.

Zhou Jia Soya Bean Milk 周家豆漿店
Location: No. 309號, Xin'er Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City, Taiwan 202


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