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Friday, August 31, 2018

Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐

Yes we have many Din Tai Fung outlets in Singapore and just never get bored of it even overseas, especially visiting in her "home" country. Trying out Din Tai Fung in its original location is one of the Must Do in our itineraries.

Even under the scotching hot weather, we are surprised to see so many die hard fans waited for their turn to dine in the restaurant given the queue is at least minimum wait of half an hour.

Din Tai Fung @ Xin Yi Road

Once you pass the entrance on the 1st floor, you will get to see the kitchen through the glass panels on the right. You can see that each one of them are so studious, working no-stop from rolling, stuffing in preparation of the food.

In the Kitchen
Communication among the servers is a breeze with the use of Walkie Talkie. We were ushered into the restaurant then was told to go up to upper levels without escorting.

The Stairways
Very well communicated and team work among the staff is observed. As soon as we entered the upper level, we were showed to our designated seating.

We agreed on sharing the table (which isn't a practice in Singapore's Din Tai Fung) so to speed up the queuing time. We were given a table tagging with a card stand to identify ourselves and the orders. Over the years, we all knew that the customer service in Taiwan is great and cannot be compared to what we have back home.

Accustoming themselves to the current business world, I'm amazed by how these servers start serving tourists in different parts of the world, each with at least a knowledge of Foreign language. They are real eloquent in Korean, Japanese, English beside the common daily use of their Mother Tongue, Mandarin.

Table Number
Out of so many plates of fried rice that I have eaten, I still think that DTF's one is the best.I love that the fact that every grain of the rice is evenly coated with the egg not to mention the satisfaction we have on our face once the spoonful of rice went into our mouth. You just wont go wrong ordering their fried rice even the plain version.

Fried Rice with Shrimps
 The condiments is different from Singapore when comes to pairing them with the popular Xiao Long Baos. Vinegar comes in the yellow orange color and the friendly servers recommend to pour one part of soy sauce to three parts of vinegar.

Followed the instruction and place them into our small plate of ginger strips.

Ginger Strips
Having the World's most popular Xiao Long Bao as a signature, it would be a regret if you did not give them a try. Its paper thin wrap cradling the juicy pork fillings was sealed with a pleat done up by exactly 18 folds.

Xiao Long Bao 200 $ NT for 10 Pieces
Surrounding the juicy pork fillings, you will get the flavourful broth once you bite down the Xiao Long Bao. Do be careful of the piping hot flavours that may burst out. Comparing this to what we have back home, frankly, their standard are better, tastier and more succulent.

Individual Xiao Long Bao
We did not overly order as compared to neighboring table. They ordered 3 different kinds of Xiao Long Bao with pork, shrimp and chicken fillings.

Notice that we do not have this side dish in the Singapore's menu. Pork ribs were well coated in both sweetness and sourness by the vinegar. 

Pork Ribs
This is one of my favourite orders in DTF. I'm not sure if its psychology but it seems that their soup here taste better too. Clear and tasty pack full of natural sweetness from the chicken.

House Steamed Chicken Soup
Last but not least, we ended our meal with the sweet treat. A cooling dessert to beat the heat. Dessert was chilled, soothing to throat with ingredients such as Gingko Nut, Longan and white Fungus.

If you want to grab some souvenirs back home, you can have a look at their merchandise near the cashier counter. There are magnets, key chains, pens, towel, paper clips etc.

If you tried Din Tai Fung in other parts of world, you may want to head down to this original shop of theirs and get a great experience of their food and service.

Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐
Location: No. 194, Section 2, Xinyi Road, Da'an District, Taipei, Taiwan

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