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Monday, January 24, 2022

6th Avenue Wanton Mee 第六道云吞面

A recent revisit to the old school 6th Avenue Wanton Mee and noticed there is refreshed signage. However, despite the inflation these days, the prices of the Wanton Mee and other dishes still remain unchanged.

Stall of 6th Avenue Wanton Mee

The taste still remains as consistent as in the past. There is no doubt about this plate of traditional old school Wanton Mee that has a distinct taste of Ikan Billis and chilli is of the right amount.

Wanton Mee - $4 (Upsized)

The Char Siew still remains lean and moist.

Char Siew Slice

I love the soup as it still tasted quite different from the other Wanton Mee Stall.


Salute to the diligent hunched back Ah Ma who still takes orders despite the old age and overcoming the crowd. 

Perhaps the taste may be quite ordinary for some but take a closer look into the springy noodle and its sauce. The 6th Avenue Wanton Mee is well-liked by the crowd and you can see that many of the patrons who are in the coffee shop are enjoying noodles from this stall. Have you tried this yet?

Posted 13 March 2018

Most of us should have heard of this old school Wanton Char Siew Noodle in 6th Avenue but not for me until recently I saw one of my friends commenting on it.

It was an early Sunday morning that we visited the place and I was amazed by the number of orders in front of me. The lady has a unique way of taking down orders by writing them on the glass panel of the stall using a marker, making sure no orders are missed out.

Stall of Wanton Mee

It is just not a usual plate of Wanton Mee but packs full of old school taste from its springy noodle to tossing them in the hint of deeply flavoured chilli but not very spicy.

Wanton Mee - $3.50

Char Siew are lean and moist without being too oily. As for the Wanton, I would say that the minced pork was pretty well seasoned.

Wanton Mee - $3.50

Every Wanton Mee order is accompanied by 3 Wantons in the soup. The minced pork meat was well seasoned and wrap nicely in the dumpling skin. Not only the noodles taste old school, the soup that comes along in a small bowl had given me a good reminiscent of my childhood.

Wanton in Soup

Only 4 dumplings in a bowl and biting on these dumplings gave a refreshing crunch with the diced water chestnut as ingredients as well as the springy shrimp that was wrapped within.

Shrimp Dumpling Soup - $4
Although we are early on a Sunday morning, we had a good wait of about 20- 30 minutes, thus to avoid disappointment or long waiting time, it will be best to go there early. I have not tried their mushroom noodle as well as chicken feet noodle, thus I will be back again for more!

Rating: 3.5 / 5

6th Avenue Wanton Mee
Location: Good Good Eating House, 24 Sixth Ave Singapore 276481 

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