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Friday, February 9, 2018

Green on Earth

We have always passed by this eatery that is located up on the hill but had never been there. Previously before the vegetarian took over, I remembered it was a Cze Char place and till one day it was never there, we still yet to visit the place. However thanks to the Vegetarian colleague who gets hook to the Mala there and thus giving me a chance to visit this place.

The place looks modern than I have expected. The place was neatly furnished with round tables and since it is on top of a hill, its rather airy.

Interior and Shop Front
Besides having Mala Pot, there are other varieties of food available like claypot rice and steam boat.

Vegetarian Menu
It was my first time having vegetarian Mala, the items displayed may seems ordinary but overall, the Mala Pot depends on the spicy blend we had.

Mala Selection
Unlike for Yong Tou Foo, for Mala, everything goes by weight. The heavier it gets, the more you have to pay for it. Selection here includes mushroom, black fungus, Tofu, Brocolli , Cauliflower, Button Mushroom, Mock Meat Balls, Crab Meat and others.

Selection of Mala
Interior was pretty simple and plain, without fanciful decorations which kind of illustrate the nature environment.

Simple and Nice
There are a plenty of seating to choose, from inside the shop, to dinning on the wooden planks and the concrete. It was kind of laid back to dine in "nature".

Garden Feel
I'm not very use to dining on top of wooden planks as it is kind of disturbing when someone walks pass with all the squeaking noises produced by the planks. Luckily the place was not too crowded on a week day and there was not much customers sitting closer to our tables.

Dining Area
Before having the spicy food, we had prepared ourselves with some icy cooling drinks.

Wheat Grass & Lime Juice
Finally our Mala Xiang Guo is ready to served with rice. There is a choice of white or brown rice and the spicy level. Chilli, together with roasted peanuts, pepper corns and coriander enhance the taste. However if you are talking about numbness in the dish, I would say its still within our capacity.

The healthier choice of having brown rice. Luckily it was well cooked and hardness was medium without being too grainy.

Brown Rice
Having the fried mushroom as sides was in fact a very good choice. The batter coated over the mushroom was thin and crispy and the bite into the soft mushroom was heavenly. The taste of these were enhanced by the paprika powder.  Addictive!

Fried Mushroom
With the friendly service and variety of food, it is most likely I will be back again for other kinds of vegetarian selection.

Rating: 3 / 5

Green on Earth
Location: 2 Phoenix Rd Singapore 668156

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