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Friday, November 10, 2017

Lavender (Flagship Store)

This was unplanned as we were just looking for some cafe around and that was closed for the afternoon. Thus we drove around and chanced upon upon such a big building by Lavender which caught our surprise and decided to check it out.

The building facade was grand, attractive and precisely one of the reason why we were there. Lavendor Flagship Store consists of 2 level where the ground level was more on their Bakery while the upper level was more of Bistro Cafe.

Upper Level of Lavender - L.Table
Interior was posh, lavishly renovated to a modern taste and filled with the festive season mood even though Christmas is still more than a month away.

We ordered the nibble platter and shared among ourselves. These finger food were nicely served with grease paper and stainless steel buckets. Nibbles consist of fried calamari, little drumlets and croquette.
Nibble Platter - RM 24.53 
Beating the heat with these drinks and under the cooling air conditioned shelter in Lavender, and together with the nibbles it really makes life so enjoyable passing the lazy Sunday afternoon.

Iced Mocha - RM 12.26 & Passion Fruit Lemongrass Frizz - RM 12.26
Panna Cotta was wobbly and just as what it is supposed to be, smooth and topped with sweet syrup.

Pandan Pana Cotta - RM 7.55
Business was indeed very good and the waitress had came to us for a few times that the selected cakes of our choice had been sold out. We left with no other option but to order the red velvet cake. The spongy soft layer velvet cake was made up of alternate fresh creams and topped with berries that consist of raspberry, blueberry, strawberry and black berry, giving a refreshing taste. Overall this cake texture was fluffy.

Red Velvet Slice Cake - RM 15.56
The belgian waffles topped with strawberry ice cream. These waffles came in set of 4 and heart shapes drizzled with Maple Syrup. Crust was crispy and fragrant with a chewy internal. Seems like I had make a right choice out of Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream as their strawberry ice cream is the kind that I have always wanted. It was not too milky but comes with good strawberry taste.

Waffle Ice Cream - RM 20.75
Ambiance wise, I find that its is very suitable for couples and friends who want to shelter away from the hot weather outside catching up with each other. There are mains like pasta that I would very much like to try if I can be here the next round. On top of that, their service standard is worth mentioning as the communicating with the crews were professional and polite.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Lavender (Flagship Store)
Location: 64, 66 & 68, Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

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