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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Royal London Duck

Royal London Duck is another venture opened by Fei Siong Group after parterd its way from their debuted London Fat Duck's Singapore outpost at Scotts Square last year. Besides the main one in Mandarin Gallery, they have spreaded their wings into the neighbourhood malls and have more than just 1 restaurant now.

Royal London Duck

Interior and Furnishings

Royal London Duck

Drawer for Utensils

Honey Lemon and Yuan Yang
Excite your taste buds with some pieces of Royal London Duck. The Roasted duck has crispy skin and leans towards more of the thin version without fatty meat. It sits among a pool of the home made duck sauce that tasted quite subtle. And for real, dab the meat on the sweet plum sauce given for some delicious treats!

Royal London Duck (Quarter) - $13
Delicious Duck
This is not your typical Char Siew. Not only was it well caramelized, it was well marinated too. It lends a sweet taste with lean meat and less fat seen. However the bad side was that a small quantity cost a bomb. Perhaps that's the most expensive Char Siew I ever hard.

Signature Honey BBQ Pork - $16.80
Like any Cantonese fare, you can get the typical bowls of Congee from the restaurant. I had the Pig Giblet Congee which consist of liver, intestine, stomach and minced meat balls. Texture of Congee is smooth and generally plain in taste. Add some Soya Sauce to enhance it.

Pig's Giblet Congee - $8.80
There was no option to have a combination of meat platter for us to order and thus we order a plate of Crispy Pork Rice to tried out all their roasted delicacies. Rice was plain and was shock that if you are ordering plain rice separately, it costs $2.50. Crispy Pork was served in big cubes size.

Crispy Pork Rice - $8.80
Crispy Pork Cubes
Overall, not very much of a WOW factor to me on their roasted delights. Perhaps if I were to revisit, I will like to try out their Dim Sum Items.

Rating: 3 / 5

Royal London Duck
Location: 1 Bukit Batok Central Link West Mall #02-04  , Singapore 658713

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