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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wee Nam Kee

One of the popular Chicken Rice players in Singapore, Wee Nam Kee is currently located in Marina Square at the 4th Level just opposite of Food Gallerie. I have patronized Wee Nam Kee in the earlier days when they were still located in Novena, opposite the 7 Day Adventist Church and everytime without fail it was always packed with people. They have left a great impression for preparing delicious chicken rice and tasty soup that comes with the set.

Wee Nam Kee
The facade of Wee Nam Kee in Marina Square is outstanding as it gives a old school feel of visiting coffeeshop with iron grills, faint wooden classic doors with stone tables / chairs.

Could not decide to have either the roasted or steamed chicken? That is why we bought the two kinds, each at a quarter. Having a good last impression of their steamed chicken, I was quite excited to have visited Wee Nam Kee again. The steamed chicken was drenched with light soy sauce and with the fragrance of sesame oil, decorated with Chinese parsley. Meat was tender and smooth. However, there was not any "wow" factor somehow. What could have went wrong?

Quarter Steamed Chicken - $8.50
Roasted chicken on the other hand was dry on its skin and was not too appetizing with its presentation even though meat is as tender. Perhaps the only thing in the chicken rice set that I like most is their soup.

Quarter Roasted Chicken - $8.50

Though decent, Ma Po minced meat with beancurd was not spicy enough to live up to its name.

"Ma Po" Minced Meat Beancurd - $10
Going to the greens, we had You Miao. It was a simple dish that rounds up a healthier meal.

You Miao 
It was good to know how their standards have been ever since my last try out. Currently my preferred chicken rice stall's position still remains as it is.

Rating: 3 / 5

Wee Nam Kee
Location: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #04-102B, Marina Square, Singapore 039594

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