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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tamaya Dining

Headed up to the 2nd level and was quite exited when we was told that it was tatami dining. It has been long since I last experienced Japanese Cuisine in an authentic environment like this with Japanese servers around.

Forget about the bustling orchard because when you come to their 2nd floor, the environment was calm and relaxing. Such peaceful and quiet environment is definitely a plus point to the dining experience.

Tatami Dining
While waiting for the orders, we were each served with Hijiki Seaweed Salad! I was very please as I enjoyed the sweet combination of the seaweed with soy beans as well as some mock meats.

Appetizers / Otoshi - $3 each
Weekend was relaxing and we decided to ordered a mug of Sapporo Beer and cool ourselves down on a hot day.

Sapporo Draft Beer - $33 / Jug
We had the buck wheat soba to fill some part of the stomach while waiting for the main courses. Soba is cold with scallions and wasabi.

Zaru Soba - $8.50 (Cold)
Besides that, Edame was ordered too. These boiled green soybeans can be served either hot or cold.

Edame - $6.20
It is served with 5 sticks of Kushiyaki, Quail egg, chicken gizzard, chicken skin, chicken soft bone and chicken leg meat. Tare sauce which consist of mirin, sake, soy sauce and sugar is applied to the skewered meat and they are grilled until delicately cooked before serving to us.

Yakitori Moriwase - $13.50
We waited an hour almost for a pot of pork bone soup base with shabu shabu meat. Stack of vegetables with scallions, cabbages, carrots as well as tofu were served.

Vegetables with Tofu
The server helped us to pour the plate of vegetables into the Tonkotsu Broth.

Stock with Vegetables
And here comes the moment where every one of us dipped these thinly sliced meat into the pot and enjoy our dinner.

Shabu Shabu Meat - $40 per pax 
It was an enjoyable session in a relaxing place. The crew explained that there were manpower shortage due to the weekend crowd and apologized for the long wait as we exited the place.

Rating: 3 / 5

Tamaya Dining Bar
Location: Cuppage Terrace, 19 Cuppage Road Singapore 229450

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