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Friday, July 8, 2016

The RawR Kitchen [Invited Tasting]

The RawR Kitchen is somewhere I would have never imagine that I would have visited since its located in the Industrial area of Bukit Batok and in an obscure part of the building in The Splendour. However, once you have found this place, you will be glad that you have discovered it as it is a good place to meet or even chill up after a hard day's of work.

Furnishing are simple and I am amazed by the restricted area that contained huge tanks of beer. The area fenced up and only authorized personnel are able to access with the use of biometric security system.

I like the part where they did their local craft beer and with funny beer signages around.

This portion of the cafe was rather interesting as it has different kinds of taps stating kinds of beer available in The RawR Kitchen.

Kinds of Craft Beer
Let's explore the food dishes by the Kitchen...

It's not your usual kind of Bolognese with tomato sauce all over. The way they prepared was authentic and delicious! I was impressed by the way how minced meat was generously spread in the Al Dente pasta and topped with shredded cheese. And a little background from the kitchen:  the meat was stewed for 5 hours and if you step into a cafe in Italy, this will be the exact same taste.

While enjoying our dishes whipped up from the kitchen, some of the dish is good for pairing up with certain type of beer. I was totally stunned when I saw them filling up the chilled mug with beer from the taps. Aren't those tap for show only? 

Perhaps we should put our mouth there instead.
We had a first try on the Wheat Beer, it was light tasting. Our second try is the root beer, yes this is not your usual kind of A&W root beer, it is sweet with about 3% of alcohol content and tasted with hints of the softdrink. Well, this is the preferred drink by the lady.

Our 3rd drink will be apple cider that has a mixture of red and green apple. Taste is mixed too, a little bit of sour and sweetness with alcohol content at about 3.5%.

Ah! My comment as someone who did not touch beer so frequently. Brown Ale did taste like a cup of Hojicha to me! Bitter and containing 6-7% alcohol.

Pilsner, to me is "sugarless tea", kind of reminds me of "Pokka Ayataka" and somehow similar to the Wheat Beer.

Dunkel is rather common to me and its closer to stout and of course heavier than Pilsner. This is best to go with the molten wings if you are ordering some.

IPA which also known as the India Pale Ale is intense and spicy. It kinds of clear cut, either you like it or you hate it.

Stout containing about 8.8% is known for its "coffee flavour".

Beer Tasting
Not taking alcohol, you can choose to have some plain water.

Plain Water
However, if you prefer hot beverage, do not worry, as you still can enjoy a cup of cappuccino with latte art .

While everyone was busying socializing, we had a look over into the kitchen and saw the butter corn kernels went through the raving flames. Guess what dish are they preparing for?

A peep into the kitchen
 The New Zealand Air-flown Sirloin steak was delicious! Rubbing with just simple salt and black pepper, it goes good in its grilled medium rare form. Dish is served with flamed corn kernels and sprinkled with herbs. However, the picture shown is not a complete version of the Striploin Steak at $16 as the actual one will be served with Flame Grilled corn cob, mash and mixed veggies.

Striploin Steak 
While the stomachs were still groaning after the dishes, we turned our heads around to check out the next dish in the kitchem... Guess what is this lady doing?

Frying Chicken Wings
While Salted Egg dishes are in the trend, its hard to leave such dish out in the menu. The hand-made creamy salted egg sauce brought a little bit spice to the wings.

Salted Egg Wings (3 Pics) - $8
Satiate your taste buds, ask for more!

Wings with Salted Egg Sauce
 Wondering what's the helper up to at the kitchen island? She preparing us for a challenge!

What's the Chef up to?
I gave up eating this after licking its sauce on my fingers! Can you imagine how spicy it is? WARNING! This dish is definitely not for the weak - like me.

Molten Wings (3Pcs) - $8
Tears immediately welled up a few seconds after I tasted the sauce. It was a terrible experience and in fact most of us could not take that level of spiciness.  Luckily we took some sugar as a remedy to let the spice subside.

Motlen Wing
Deep fried and originally dressed withing any sauce. Comparing to the 2 others wings, I preferred this special recipe of such golden fried wings.

Original Rawk Wings (3pcs) - $7

Beware of burning tongues. These are really good stuff!

Original Rawr Wing
If you want to quiet down after a day's of work and enjoy some local craft beer, look no more, visit The RawR Kitchen and you will be surprised by the amount of F&B outlets had increased among the industrial estates over the years.

Rating: 3 / 5

The RawR Kitchen
Location:  31 Bukit Batok Crescent #02-01, The Splendour Singapore 658070

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