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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet

Despite having the negative thought of smelling like a walking korean BBQ after every BBQ meal, I manage to get myself seated down at the Korean BBQ Buffet, K Cook in Westgate. Ever since its opening in Orchard 2014, K Cook has been regarded as one of the top 10 Korean BBQ place.

K Cook Korean BBQ & Steamboat
Living in the West for a few decades, there isn't much Korean BBQ options that we can choose from. In fact this opening is something that Westies can rejoice in since it is opened at the heart of Jurong East. Like the usual Korean BBQ places, they are installed with hanging vacuums to withdraw the smoke into the exhaust.

Tables with Vaccums
K Cook on the other hand had introduced a new concept of marrying Korean BBQ with Steamboat in the Westgate outlet, thus diners can enjoy the best of both worlds, having barbecued meat as well as steamboat session. Wouldn't it be nice?

On the Table
Though limited, K Cook Buffet spread are considerably decent, dividing into sections, raw meats,vegetables, garnishing, soup, drinks and cook food.

Cook food was constantly kept warm in the skillet with electric stove below.  Japchae, their glass noodles alone was rather salty in my opinion and was not to my liking.

Pork / Beef Balls

Selection of Food
As for the meat balls which contains both pork and beef with gravy drenched all over, they were soft in bites and not too bad. Pretty good stuff to fill your hungry stomach first while waiting for the raw to be cooked.

Pork / Beef Balls
Here comes the Korean Staples, drumlets and wings. With honey coated, they are rather stickily dressed in their golden brown fried wings. This kind of reminds me of 4 Fingers, NeNe Chicken, the kind of Korean Fast Food up in the malls nowadays.

Honey Chicken Wings
With another common item from the korean cuisine, they have the candied korean sweet potatoes with sesame seeds.

Sweet Potatoes
Another thing korean from their cook food section is perhaps none other than the Kimchi and Green onions pancake that was cut into bite sizes for the patron. Grab some and try!

Korean Pancake
Moving into the meat section, you get beef, chicken and pork in marinated as well as non marinated form. Seafood such as prawns and sotongs were part of the chilled meat too. They are regularly top up by the staff on duty and fresh.

Chilled Meat Session
With Steamboat and BBQ, sometimes the preparation can be a little confused here, why not put some into the BBQ hotplate and some into the steamboat soup for boiling? And if you like Bossam as much as I do, try wrapping the BBQ meat with lettuce added with some dakoritang, spicy bean sauce, garlic, onion as well as kimchi.

Marinated and non-marinated meat
While some may want to make their own Budae Jigae (Army Stew), they provide hotdogs, instant noodles, luncheon meat too. 

Vegetables & Hotdogs
Too bad for the big eaters, there are time limitation of 2 hours, you have to finish your feast within this period. 

Salad Bar
Other than that, as an overall, staff are prompt in clearing emptied and dirty plates with a smile. Ambience was clean and neat with korean songs playing in the background from the TVs.

Free Flow of Drinks
Rating: 3 / 5

K.COOK BBQ & Steamboat Buffet
Location: Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #B1-02, Singapore 608532 

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