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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Yung Kee 鏞記酒家

It was all over the news in Singapore a month ago on this Iconic Roast Goose Restaurant of Hong Kong about the family feud that may set the company to closure if their descendants failed to reach an agreement.

Yung Kee
For those who are unaware of what was happening. The passing of the founder in 2004 had left his restaurant to the hands of his two sons, kinsen and Ronald. With Kinsen holding 45 per cent of the shares and Ronald holding 55 per cent, the former soon complained to the court that he was being blocked from running the business.

With all the bitter wars going on, consumers who love the crisp juicy roast goose were all shaken by the news that Yung Kee may be gone for good.

Open Concept Kitchen
Sounded loud, impatient and aggressive in their culture by nature, the well dressed auntie in black asked us what we wanted as we were at their take away counter. We took a while to decide as it did not have option with just only roasted goose but goose with rice and in the end we ordered half a goose.

The upscale restaurant was modernly decorated with staff smartly dressed up looking professional. Interior was beautifully furnished and looked grand.

There were slight hiccups during the transaction as we were accused of not paying for the take away and it upset us with their hostile tones. Thereafter, they realized it was their mistake and toned down. We did not feel any comfort in the service and the thought of the news of the war between the siblings had surfaced in our minds.

Take away portion was pretty well done with a microwavable container covered and wrapped with a paper printed with Yung Kee's Business Name. Honey roasted sesame and sweet prune sauce were given for the takeaway.

Take Away Portion
The award winning goose that the world is raving about is in front of our eyes. Half a Roasted Goose costs 300 HKD (about $60 SGD). It's alluring fragrance and its blistering skin was our soft spot! With all the given condiments added, the 5 of us enjoyed the flavourful roasted goose in its crackling crispy skin holding the soft and tender flesh that once you have your teeth sink in, the juice starts oozing out. As we were finishing the roasted goose, there were braised soya beans revealed beneath. They were good stuff as those beans soaked up all the essential and flavours from the roasted goose

Half Goose - 300 HKD
Yung Kee's roasted goose has definitely live up to its name sake and it would be a loss if Yung Kee's business is sealed due to family feud. And it would be worst if the building was sold off as this Yung Kee's building has a hidden treasure that define their Famous Roasted Goose - a charcoal fired oven on Hong Kong Island. It would be lost even if they were to move into another place as their government no longer issues permits for such equipment.

No doubt that Yung Kee has been there for a long time, it does not mean having their service standards compromised. Our visit would have better if staff have shown more professionalism.

Yung Kee 鏞記酒家
Location: 32-40 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

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