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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Another recommended food around King's Cross station would be none other than the tastiest roasted meat stacks at Kiosk, located meters away from St. Pancras International. Having passing by the station for few days, we were always either stomach full and no room for supper or forgotten all about it.

Before waving good bye to London in our 2015 trip, we took the munch and nibble on it while waiting for our train in St. Pancras International.  As its name suggest, Kiosk is just a small place located at one corner of the station.

We ordered their salted beef reuben which was excellently prepared and nicely wrapped. Black. Salted beef came in two sizes and contains their roast salt beef, sauerkraut with Russian dressing and swiss cheese sandwiched by toasted black rye bread. Living up to its name sake, the beef was salty if you are eating that as an individual item off the bread.

Well Packaging
Salted Beef Reuben - 7.75 / 8.75

Cross Section
If you are thinking of having McDonalds / Burger Kings before taking the train, I would strongly recommend you to have a change in your breakfast / meal idea to Salt Beef Reuben at the Kiosk! It's simply worth every penny spent!

Rating: 4 / 5

Location: King's Cross Station, London N1C 4TB

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