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Friday, November 6, 2015

Cali Cafe

Cali Cafe is housed within Park Avenue Hotel in Rochester Park Area. Interior looks like any typical cafe in Singapore, complete with comfortable music playing in the background as well as soft lighting. Due its location that requires a distance from the MRT and the usual malls, the place is occasionally quiet on the weekends which I find it a perfect hangout over the weekends if you want to sit down on the chair enjoy some decent food, unwinding ourselves after a week's of work.

Having ordered both peach and strawberries, we find that they taste more of yoghurt taste and similar to LASSI which we usually had from the North Indian Cuisine. Nonetheless, I find that drinking them was refreshing.

Smoothies - Peach & Strawberries - $8 Each)
Marinated French Cut pork chop was grilled to perfection paired with pineapple sauce. What amazed me was its extraordinary taste that is different from the local pork chop that we get from the market.

Pork Chop - $28
It was served with vegetables too.

Striploin Steak was cooked to our preferred doneness, medium accompanied by mushroom sauce on a separate portion. Besides that it was served with fries as well as salad.

Steak with Fries - $30
Standard was there as what you will expect from any steaks, juicy and tender to the jaws.

Do note that if you are parking your vehicle within the same premises in the Hotel, you can ask for a complementary carpark coupon from the staff. It's so thoughtful of them to offer the complimentary carpark coupon even though we did not park there.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Cali Cafe
Location: Rochester Mall, 31 Rochester Drive #01-01 Singapore 138637
                 (Located inside Park Avenue Hotel)

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