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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Woo Ricebox [Closed]

Bringing the Original Taiwanese Flavours to Singapore, we have Woo Ricebox located in Basement 1 of Jurong Point Shopping Mall. Woo Ricebox is one of Taiwan's oldest Chains Restaurant and if you dont know, Gong Cha is also housed under the same unit as Woo's too.

Woo Ricebox

Woo Ricebox Buzzer
Even though they are sharing the same shop space, orders are made separately at their respective cashier and each has their own kind of electronic buzzer.

Gong Cha
Using quality biodegradable wooden boxes, it is good in the sense that the rice will not turn out too soggy after some time. With 10 over types of rice boxes from Woo Rice box menu, featuring Taiwanese mouth watering braised pork chop to fried spicy drumsticks.

Biodegradable Wooden Box
Every Ricebox comes with seasonal vegetables, pickles and a braised egg. If you are craving for some Taiwanese snacks, Woo Ricebox also offers a variety of them like Fried Sweet Potato, Salt & Pepper popcorn chicken.

Complete your meal with Double Boiled Soup too.

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Let's give Railway Pork Chop Ricebox a like! Pork chop was evenly braised in its marinates and was absolutely tasty.

Railway Pork Chop Ricebox - $9.90
Woo's signature Rice Box comes with the standards like braised egg, vegetables, tau gua, slice of sausage and cut slices of lean meat.

Woo's Signature Rice Box - $7.90
Pairing with the meals, we had ordered Taro Milk Shake and Mango Smoothie.

Gong Cha
Taiwanese Cuisine is often known for their braised meat and one of their staples will be none other than the bowl of braised minced pork rice. Simple and straight forward meal, with 3 items combination like preserved vegetables, braised egg and minced meat on top of the fragrance and soft pearl grain rice. Enjoy the delicious non greasy Minced Pork Ricebox in its authentic Taiwanese Flavours.

Braised Minced Pork Ricebox - $6.80
The fragrance of the Spicy Drumstick was way too addictive. Portion is generous per se and its crispy exterior were awesome. Underneath its skin, when revealed, we get to taste the tenderness and hot meat.

Spicy Drumstick Ricebox - $8.90
To let customers enjoy the best, Woo's drumstick is fried upon order, therefore a 15 minutes of wait is definitely required.

Another item on the menu will be their Taiwan Roast Pork Ricebox, the fried Roast Pork is as addictive as the chicken drumstick, packed full of fragrance. They are sliced into pieces, thus more convenient to patrons who don't want to make their fingers oily, this will be a better choice. Other than the meat, other items in the ricebox are pretty standards.
Taiwan Roast Pork Ricebox - $7.90
For those who have been to Taiwan and had their Railway rice box, you will notice the authenticity of what Woo had offered from their Tau Gua to Sauteed Vegetables and even the taste of the braised pork if you have tried.

Tau Gua
Overall, Woo Ricebox is definitely my kind of choice when it comes to Taiwanese Cuisine. Without going to Taiwan, having them in Singapore is a good way to reminisce the times I was in Taiwan digging into these packed meals on their railway.

Delivery Service

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Woo Ricebox
Location: Jurong Point Shopping Centre, 1 Jurong West Central 2 #B1-60/61 Singapore 648886

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