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Friday, October 30, 2015

Breitach Klamm

Breitach Klamm is located at the southest of Germany and is about 2 hrs drive away from Munich. Located near Oberstdorf, they have the most beautiful canyons in Europe. Brietachkalmm is open all year round even in Winter. In fact, the most recommend visit of the year is winter as you can enjoy seeing huge icicles, frozen waterfalls etc.

My visit was a season earlier, in Autumn but having said this, I will say it is worth a visit as you get to enjoy breathtaking waterfalls, huge whirlpools and shiny rocks being "polished" by the running water. Let's get going and feel the power of water shaping the rocks!

Coming from a bustling city lacking in natural resources as well as sights like this, I truly enjoy every moment with such natural wonder in the cooling weather. Initially I thought I was under-dressed with just winter jacket and a pair jeans in the midst of cooling temperature but luckily later on, exercising keeps me warm up and soon I got used to the temperature.

Natural Wonder
The serene nature with lush greenery and gush of water sound was indeed therapeutic to someone like me who spend most of my time in the city.

Sound of Nature
 Enjoying the breathtaking moments at every part of the walk.

Sound of Nature
Fast Flowing Water
Being a past geography student, I remember the times where we learned the formation of rocks only through the books and never get to see any. In fact, this spectacular sight had kind of reminds me of the process of attrition where you can see curvature part at the side of the road being worn down or weaken by the water waves.

Rock Formation Process

Look at the rock formations
Near the Whirl Pool
We walked pass and caught sight of this catchment area where water has nowhere to flow. Didn't caught sight of any fishes in it though.

"Catchment" Area
This is the portion where water level had risen as high as 6.60 metres in year 2015, starting from a height of 2.30m in 1910. When will be the next rise?

Records of water rising
From the history of their record high water level in Breitach Klamm. That was really very high, can't imagine.

Water Level
Since Breitach Klamm is located at the southest Germany, there is one part of the trek that we had actually leave Germany for Austria and back into Germany again.

Water Flows

Water Falls

Look up

Till this point of time, this was a wooden house that we had past through. It was mentioning that the management is not liable for any injuries caused by falling rocks.

Passing through this hut
 Looking down into the deepest gorge of middle Europe.

I'm Here
And the tedious part of the trek begin with very steep climbs on those gravel pathways. It last about 20 minutes and I almost could not make it as it was without steps and railings.

Steep Climbs
 Soon, after all the strenuous climbs, we were going down slope again. Yeah!

Something I picked up
To the compound where steps were gentle with no sky limit views and wonderful view of nature. The combination of beautiful blue sky,green colors and mountainous backdrops with sunlight shinning on the pasture is definitely a rare sight in Singapore.


Make your way up to the perfect stop over for a tea break and enjoy admiring the spectacular sight of the alps.

To Alpe Dornach
We stopped over at the cafe of Alpe Dornach. After much conversation with my German pal, I realized that the place is just more than a cafe and they have a hotel like kind of resort stay.

Alpe Dornach
Alpe Dornach
I can never imagine myself enjoying tart under the sun shinning so brightly onto my food but the lifestyle in Europe is definitely different here with its cool surroundings. I had my plate of Plum Tart, one of their signatures, topped with whipped cream. It was a perfect stop over to refill my carbo after a big walk. Tart was not too sweet and crumbs were great with fine sugar.

Plum Tart

On the Table
Cappuccino was good, even for someone who are not so much of a coffee fan.

Sitting on the bench and enjoying our food and beverages looking both up and downhill, appreciating the beauty of nature.

Of course I prefer the uphill viewing. The natural landscapes was impressive!

Coffee with nice scenary

Chocolate with Coffee
 Before leaving the place, do remember to take some pictures for memories.

Besides having so many views from the nature formation. The most scenic view that many like best will be enjoying some sessions under the sun at the seats of Alpe Dornach. Being 100 meters above sea level, I felt very blessed to have such a clear sky enjoying a cup of coffee overseeing the beauty of alps. Though the climb was steep at some parts of the journey, upon seeing such scenery, you will feel that the sweat in the cold weather was all well paid off.

Can't take my eyes off this
Even before seeing the cows, we can hear the bells of these animals ringing as they move. I was told that the farmer recognize each cow by the sound of its bell.

Coincidentally while I was walking pass their territory, I spotted this sight where it is scratching its neck with the help of the wooden fence.

Cow scratching its neck
It's coming to the end of my adventure in Breitach Klamm and somehow the dull look from the cow had spelt out all my feelings.

Oh Cow, why are you looking so dull?

Somewhere near the Entrace / Exit of Breitach Klamm
Overall, the place is suitable for young and old, even with children. Do it slow if you are not in good shape. Also, there may be some parts where the rocks are pointed or close to our height, thus be careful during your trek. Do remember to be equipped with good walking shoes, waterproof, perhaps.

If I have the chance, I will very much like to visit them again in Winter.

Opening Hours
Admission: Kid - 1.50 EUR
                    Adult - 4 EUR


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