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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

FFL Fresh Fruits Lab

With so many cafes popping up over this few years, how do they actually stand up among others beside the quality of food? FFL (Fresh Fruits Lab) differentiate themselves with a unique theme in their restaurant. Located in the East Region of Singapore,

Facade of FFL 
Artistically theme with laboratory inspired environment with writable black board surface on its wall at the counter.

Black Board Surface
Take a look at the shelving at the side of the Lab and you will find interesting articles in each compartment.

I have not touched or seen any periodic table since I last had my chemistry lessons. Interestingly you may get to see one portion of their menu that was designed like the periodic table we used in science lesson. However, at a closer look, you will realize that its actually referring to the fruits.

Periodic Table
I like the concept where utensils were served in lab apparatus with fruit juice as welcoming drink held in test tubes as our welcoming drink. IT just reminded me of the school days where we were doing some practical lessons in the science lab. However, not to the extend of putting them into our mouths.

It was a good gesture of FFL to serve complimentary juices for tasting purposes and for those that are health conscious, you can order their fruit juices as an substitute to your soft drinks. As soon as we settled down they have served us with 2 kinds of juices in the test tubes namely: the cucumber orange and orange carrot.

Fruit Juices for Tasting
Besides serving the complimentary juices in test tubes, we were overwhelmed by the drinking water too, served in beakers. Have you ever drink anything from the beaker? For me I have not and that's my first time doing that.

Drinking water in Beaker
Even the utensils were placed in the tray. It felt as though some science experiment is starting soon.


The ultimate drink for detox if this is what you are looking for. A mixture of fruit juice using lettuce, cucumber, spinach, lemon and apple, quite refreshing I felt.

Zesty Greens - $8
The hot and the ice mocha has a dollar difference in their pricing.

Ice Mocha - $7
I dont mind having anything messy like this especially when there were so many goodies on the plate. Scrambled eggs were truffle infused and were soft, good to pair along with their toasted english muffin, roasted sweet potatoes, bacon-wrapped pinepple, oxford sausages, roasted tomatoes and fruity salad.

Messy Breakfast - 17

Close up on the eggs
Soft and fluffy pancakes were infused with banana fragrance. It was topped with banana slices on a bed of apple paste. Drizzle them with some maple syrup and enjoy!

Bananalicious - $11
I find that apple and banana on pancakes taste not bad afterall.

Close up on Banana Pancakes
Initially we had ordered the lychee cake but had cancelled it due to that we have no more stomach room for desserts. What a miss!

Cakes Section
The location of FFL may be a little inconvience for some but I would say its not really inaccessible as it is still within walking distance from the MRT Station. As for those who are driving, parking lots are limited along the streets.

Rating: 3 / 5

FFL Fresh Fruits Lab
Location: 351 Changi Road, Kembangan Singapore 419818

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