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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ministry of Ribs

Another hangout found somewhere near the Industrial Estates! Hidden among the HDB in Pandan Gardens, is it a hype that more and more of such cafes are situated under the public housing estate or it is that the rental are relatively cheaper there as compared to those commercial buildings. Whatever it is, as long as it benefits patrons like us with an affordable pricing and quality food, we will be there, don't you think so?

Ministry of Ribs Counter
Brown was the main color used for Ministry of Ribs. Environment was typical cafe orientation and was compact. Not to worry about the seats, there were also ample of seating in front and along the corridoors of Ministry of Ribs.

Menu on the Wall
Homemade glass jars of Ice Lemon Tea was quite sweet and sour.

Iced Lemon Tea - $2.50
 We had the Prime Ribeye Steak (200g) at $13.90. Opted for Medium well and it was done to its perfection. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of it. As the knife sliced into the meat, it was visible that the prime ribeye steak's doneness was perfectly well seared with slight trace of pink.  

Upon seeing the uniform grilled lines on the Pork Ribeye steak, it had lured me further. There were 3 choices of sauce available, Mushroom, Wild Mushroom & Black Pepper. However for Wild Mushroom, additional $0.50 is payable. Though meat was of a thicker portion and tough, this succulent slab was too tempting to be resisted. Sides like corn kernels & coleslaw had made meal to be completed.

Pork Ribeye Steak - $10.40

Pork Steak

The hungry man ordered the full rack of BBQ Pork Ribs over the lunch time. Feeling sinful, he "donated" his portions to us. And fortunately, we got a taste of the so called "Best Ribs in Town" as stated on their signboard. Taste was sweet and savoury with lucious BBQ sauce spread. Meat easily fell off from the bone without much effort, though being tender, it was not that juicy. I would say there are better players out there, thus there is nothing to rave about.

BBQ Ribs Full - $22.90

Close up on the Ribs

The Ministry Burger lived up to its name. With its handmade patty and its hearty complete with chunks of fried onions rings atop its juicy patty and bacon. It's definitely a steal at that kind of pricing. This dish comes with a complimentary side.

Ministry Burger - $13.90
Check out their daily special and be surprise.With Ribeye Steak Standard, Wagyu Shoulder Tender did not set to disappoint. Crisscrossed charred grilled marks on the bullet shaped Wagyu are among the noteworthy items. Try your luck at Ministry of Ribs since this dish is random.

Wagyu Shoulder Tender - $

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Ministry of Ribs
Location: 416 Pandan Garden #01-125 Singapore 600416

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