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Monday, August 10, 2015

Cake Avenue

Have you heard of Cake Avenue? If you have been thinking about customizing cake/s for special event, do try it out at Cake Avenue as they can almost customized any cake that you think of for any occasion.

Cake Avenue is located at a secluded corner of Lorong Kilat (Kilat Centre)  a few doors away from the Cafes like Carpenter & Cook, Nook, Udders etc.

Cake Avenue

Just earlier on this year, Cake Avenue had been closed about a month for renovation and upgrading. Started as a home-grown business online since 2000 and being known for their 3D Cakes all these years, they had extended the nature of their baking business into Bistro / Restaurant too with 50 seats.

Cake Avenue
Having visited one of the weekdays night, I would say that the restaurant was rather quiet, just only a 2-3 tables were occupied. It was a spacious cafe and they do also provide theme party celebrations with decors and dessert tables.

Simply love the creamy base for my pasta. Linguine Carbonara was topped with English Parsley, tasty bacons and mushrooms. Herbs and olive oil was used, lending good flavours to the cream base. Having said that, the cream was light and not too rich, what an enjoyment.

Linguine Carbonara - $14.90
Portion of Mushroom Baked Rice was standard. Taste of it wasn't too bad with loads of mixed mushroom in cream sauce and cheese.

Mushroom Baked Rice - $13.90
Being so long in the baking line, I have no doubts about their cake. Carrot cake was moist enough with hints of cinnamon and you can even get to bite on the nuts. There was a balance of sweet and lemon zest flavors with a bearable sweetness level. The carrot cake was coated with a layer of cream cheese topped with nuts and seeds.

Carrot Cake -
Having rated the best black forest cake I had in Singapore, this is nothing as compared to what I had in Stuttgart Black Forest Boutique S-Cafe. Layers of chocolate sponge with creams sandwich in between were soft. The chocolate flakes were kind of cling to the top layer of fresh cream. It tasted bitter initially but such taste was kind of neutralized when it was mixed with the cream.

Black Forest
Service was efficient and responsive with minimal waiting time. Staff on duty were also polite. I dont mind coming back again for some meals or even recommend them to someone who needs some customization of cakes for events.

Rating: 3 / 5

Cake Avenue
Location: Kilat Centre, 33 Lorong Kilat #01-01 Singapore 598132

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