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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Xin Yuan Ji

If you have frequent Bugis area, Tan Quee Lan Street should be of no stranger to you. With couple of eateries along the streets, the place is always bustling, likewise to crowd opposite in Bugis Junction.

Xin Yuan Ji has been around for many years but I have never went in there as I have often withdrawn myself upon seeing just long queues outside the restaurant.

Xin Yuan Ji Facade
Despite the snaky queues, staff has efficiently clear them in no time and turn over there was rather high too. Interior was both installed with Aircon as well as ceiling fans, thus even though patrons were in front of the flames from the Charcoal pot, they won't feel too heaty.

Besides being known for their charcoal fish meat / head, they are also known for their curry fish head. Cze Char Style dishes are also available. Just flip over and have a look at the variety.

Xin Yuan Ji Menu
I won't consider myself going Xin Yuan Ji without having their signature Charcoal Hot Pot with Fish Meat / Head. At the first sip of the soup, I truly comprehend the persistent patrons waiting outside.

Pot with Base
Soup was rich and savoury with sweet notes. With Charcoal stacked in the opening and burning, the soup was put to simmered. Ingredients like, Tofu, Yam, vegetables, tomatoes, chinese parseley and thick fish chunks had make the soup such flavourful. Even with the soup alone, it will go very well with just bowl/s of plain white rice.

Charcoal Hot Pot
Becareful, both the pot and soup are very hot!

Close up
Looked at the big chunk of fish meat from the pot! In fact this is not the only piece that is so thick, the rest were more of less in the same size too. With ample of ginger strips added, there were not a single trace of "fishiness" and the taste was pretty different till I realized what was done. Instead of putting the raw fish into the soup and let it boil, those pieces had actually went through a round of cooking, pan fried, perhaps. Just take a look at the charred area and it would definitely tell you more about it.

We topped up the pot with another plate of Fried Fish but in fried style. If it was to consume alone, you will find that these fried fish were not freshly fried and quite cold. Therefore it is recommended to soak them up in the charcoal hot pot. $15 is definitely worth as these chunks were generous portions.

Sides - Fried Fish - $15

Is the food justifiable to the length of the queue outside? Taste wise food is above average but service wise is kind of frustrating. We have requested a few times to have our soup topped up and even though they had agreed, our pot was never filled up. However, if customers have left, they were very quick in clearing the table. In my conclusion, they gave me the impression that they do not have customer's interest at heart, thus making a return trip there is questionable now. Do note that for payments only cash and nets are accepted there.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Xin Yuan Ji
Location: Tan Quee Lan St, 31 Tan Quee Lan St #01-01 Singapore 188117

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