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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Majestic Bay

Bringing our Guest to Garden By the Bay was planned and so was the dinner. I have never heard of Majestic Bay until it was brought up by my colleague who frequent the place. It is located in Gardens By The Bay, below Flower Dome and opposite the entrance of Cloud Forest.

Majestic Bay
Soothing wood tones and tastefully chosen crockery and linens create a homey,welcoming vibe among the Gardens. With transparent glass panels overlooking to the path where people are strolling, cycling or even jogging in the evenings did boosts one's energy in one way of another seeing lively activities around.

Warmly welcome by fish tanks of live seafood while we make our way into the restaurants to our seats. For those who are having live seafood, get to choose their catch of the day from the tank.

Menu came in hard copy as well as digital format. I thought it was good to have dishes illustrated in the electronic device as the hard copy menu has no pictures for someone like our guest who was not so familiar with Chinese Cuisine.

Digital Menu

Xiang Pian (Jasmine) Pot of Tea - $3 per head
Meal started interestingly with the Trio Prawns Platter, with a long plate divided into 3 section with Salad Dressing, Lemon Butter Milk Dressing and Wasabi Dressing respectively.

Trio Prawns Platter (12 pieces) - $38
Salad Dressing was lightly coated on the battered prawn with basil seeds and little mango cubes.

Salad Dressing

 While prawns of the middle portion has cute little slices of turnip as garnishing.

Lemon Butter
Wasabi flavored prawns on the other hand was sweet without overpowering its taste, basil seeds and caviar were included too.

Wasabi Flavoured
Having double boiled soup served in coconut is definitely a new addition to my dictionary. Assorted seafood like prawns, scallop, fish maw were included with mushrooms and white fungus. 

Double Boiled Assorted Seafood Soup in Whole Young Coconut - $16
Soup was light and mostly filled of fish maw taste but not too overpowering.

Close up
Undeniably the best Espresso Pork Ribs I had ever eaten. I'm not a coffee person but this boneless and lean pork ribs were wholly aromatic and light on the palate. Simply love its evenly coated Expresso Coffee Sauce over the tender ribs.

Pork Ribs in Espresso Coffee Sauce - $24
Sauteed asparagus was well stirred fried with fried garlic, carrots as well as mushrooms. Asparagus were totally crunchy and "sold out" on our table very soon after it was served.

Sauteed asparagus and wild mushroom with garlic - $24

Serving brought me a surprise as it was quite small. However, the miniatures abalone had stolen the scene. It was topped together with chopped carrot cubes as well as spring onions on the softened Mee Sua.Unfortunately, the taste of the broth came with a strong hint of seafood smell, more towards the crustaceans taste and wasn't too pleasing to everyone of us on the table, thus we ended up wasting abit of the food.

Stewed Mee Sua with Baby Abalone - $28

Ending my meal with a cooling bowl of double boiled Chinese Pear snow Fungus and peach gum to soothe my going-to-sore throat. It really aids in soothing the system down.

Double Boiled Chinese Pear with Snow Fungus and peach gum (hot/cold) - $6

While the Guest chose the fresh mango puree with chendol coconut strips and was too, happy about such selection.

Fresh Mango Puree with Chendol Strips - $6

Servings seemed petite initially yet keep our groaning empty stomachs full at end of everything. Overall Majestic Bay reminds me of some Chinese Fine Dining. Besides its strategic location in Gardens By the Bay, I would say it was a good recommendation to bring a guest there as the ambiance was quiet with attentive services from the working team. Totally suitable for causual business meet ups. After all my guest from aboard seemed to be satisfied with this dinner.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Majestic Bay
Location: Gardens By The Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive #01-09 (Flower Dome) Singapore 018953

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