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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mother's Chu Taiwanese Gourmet

Strolling down the streets in China town of Sydney, I'm rather surprised that we had chosen Mother Chu's Taiwanese Gourmet as our dinner. Just that such thought had never come across my mind as I thought we would have some western or Australian food for the first night.

Zhu Ma Ma
Perhaps I was convinced by the crowd and the facade of Mother Chu's. The helpers were rather friendly and welcome us into the eating place.

Mother Chu's Taiwanese Gourmet

 Interior of the restaurant is rather different, there are tables surrounding the perimeter of Mother's Chu Taiwanese Gourmet Kitchen.

Dining Area
Menu was simple and nothing fancy with a book with different pages of Taiwanese Cuisine.


With 3 oysters in a bowl and condiments like vinegar, coriander and pepper, the taste of a bowl of authentic Oyster Mee Sua in Sydney is definitely not a dream. Mee Sua was quite tasty in its sauce.

Oyster Mee Sua
Salted Soya is something we dont get to have often in Singapore for Taiwanese Cuisine. I'm rather amazed by its availability. Soya bean drink was on slightly on a saltish side topped with spring onions as well as You Tiao. Though it is special, I find that I still prefer the old usual sweetened soya drink.

Salted Soya
Beancurd has all the characteristics of what it supposed to be. Smooth and silky to be enjoyed with a sugar syrup.

Simple yet satisfying dinner in Sydney for our first night there.It's quite interesting to know that we still can enjoy some heartland food back from home in Chinatown of Sydney.

Mother's Chu Taiwanese Gourmet
Location: 1/84-88 Dixon St, Kien Hay Centre, Sydney NSW 2000

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