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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bangkok Day 4

We wanted to try something different for the breakfast but we ended up in True Cafe due to the closure of business over the New Year Period.

We only learn of True Fitness and never know that they do have a cafe on its own selling all day breakfast. Since there was no other eateries in Exchange Tower in operation during our visit we headed into True Cafe.

True Cafe
It was real empty in the dining area, I thought perhaps everyone was still on Holiday Mood. And with the flight of stairs leading to True Fitness at the second level.

Dining Area
Starting off the morning with a cup of Hot Chocolate and flipping through the pages on their local newspaper.

Hot Cocao - 65 Baht
While the partner think it was quite hot outside and ordered a cup of Thai Milk Tea.

Thai Milk Tea
Morning Special was beautifully done with 2 sunny side up eggs, few pieces of ham, a well cut thick and juicy sausage with salad.

Morning Special - 219 Baht
Other then the vegetables, items on plate were all fried.

Special Breakfast
These toasts with strawberry jams and butter were part of the special breakfast too. Dining in True Cafe gave us a peace of our mind, at least we knew food were served on a healthier side just like we were served with whole meal breads.

Toasts and Spread
Omlette was beautifully done, just like hotel style.

Egg Omlette - 159 Baht
And here comes our boat trip at Saphan Taksin!

Saphan Taksin
As expected the counter for Chao Phraya Express Boat was crowded and took us a while before purchasing our tickets.

Chao Phraya Express Boat Counter
And 40 Baht for Single Trip tickets had been purchased.

It took us quite a while to board the boat as the place was simply too crowded and even though it was sheltered area, the sweltering heat had turned us sweaty.

Even securing a seat on the boat was an issue.

River City

The bridge

We alight at one of the station and I was amazed by the Street Food there.

They even got
Pork Trotters

As soon as we were there we were approached by a neatly dress man who carried a map and asked where we want to go. After striking a conversation with us, he asked us if we want to take his Tuk Tuk Service at 20 Baht around the island and to part of the places of interests and grand palace as ending point (our ideal destination). We agreed and he issued one of his Tuk Tuk drivers to service us. Initially I was skeptical about the 20 Bath rate but slowly... I uncovered more things along the way.


Our first stop was Wat Inharavihan while we did our prayers and took some pictures around.

Luang Phor To Wat Indharavihan Thailand

One of their Temples
This was the Tuk Tuk we sat and the driver was practically waiting for us at every station we stop. I'm not sure if this was a scam but in between the places of interests. The Tuk Tuk driver had "to clock" their visit or have their card stamped by bringing tourists like us to the places.

Tuk Tuk
Along the way, we were told to visit some places. "Just go in and take a look, no buy nevermind." said the driver. Bangkok Royal Gems Co., Ltd was our first stop, it was a very old school Jewelry shop which I suddenly felt I was back into the 70s, everything was dull and furnishings were indeed very old. I went in less than 10 minutes and came out.

2nd Stop, we alighted at James Tailor Fashion. Staff was very professional and well dressed. Just too bad that even they could tailor something by end of the day with promotional pricing. We still find it a rush as having tailored clothing never come across our mind at such point in time. Nevertheless, the gave us a friendly goodbye and we left peacefully.

James Tailor Fashion
Next we went to the TGM (Thai Gem Mart), the furnishing was old but not as run down as the first one. In the end I got some pendant I wanted after much negotiation. Happy.

The last station we went was BB Fashion, its a small shop and I would say their attitude was atrocious. They were very pushy in the service and kind of insist that we could get the tailored shirts within hours. We left the place unhappily.

We alighted near to the Grand Palace and bidded goodbye to the driver. If you ask me if its a scam, I will said that its a Win-Win Situation to have sat the Tuk Tuk. I'm travelling with an opened mind, even though some of the places the Tuk Tuk stopped were "extra" to us, we soon realized this is the Thai Style of doing Business on the Island. At least, from some stops, I bought some of the things I like. Therefore, its not too bad after all. :)

Road Side Peddlers
We saw the Grand Palace and was quite excited seeing swarms of people strolling into the area. There was less people in shorts. In order to enter the Palace, it is a respect to be fully dressed. No slippers and shorts are allowed.

Grand Palace
Even if you do wear less, ensure that you get something to cover up yourselves before entering. We were both on shorts and wanted to buy but the ticketing queue was way too long that we decided to give it up.

Near Grand Palace
We decided to explore other places while on our way back for the boat river.

It's really hard to resist such kind of food on the street especially after a long walk under the sun and the stomach was groaning as we breathed in the fragrant from the deep fried stuffs.

Chicken fillets were good! No regrets! But of course if you are quite health particular about the hygiene, forget about having such street food.

Fried Chicken Fillet

Gluttony in us went on and we stopped by this ice cream push cart to check out their local taste of homemade ice cream.

Ice Cream
They have "exotic" toppings which I had never seen in Singapore. Not those chocolate, rainbow rice but rather some preserved fruits.

Ice Cream and Toppings
Cone or Bread? And we decided to have 4 flavours on the bread. Luckily they were not too sweet.

Ice Cream on Bread
And while walking into the antique streets where you can see alot of roadside stalls selling Amulets. How interesting! You can even get to see the aged man /woman holding a magnifying class scrutinizing every piece of the amulet.

Bicyles on Wall
It seemed like our appetite grew bigger! Curious by what this lady was selling on her bike. We took up this small challenge.

What is this?
The round fried fritter like item was deep fried on the street then cut into pieces using the scisssors and metal tongs, rolled onto the bed of sugar crystals and black sesame seeds. What can those be? Well, they are none other than the "Muah Chee" we had in Singapore just that there was some crisp on its top layer.

What are these snacks?
And passing by the famous stall with long queue. It was one of the recommended things to buy from Trip Advisor but since we had so much bites earlier on, we gave this a miss.


One of the Must Go places in Bangkok will be Khao San Road, a centre of backpacking universe.  You will get to see a long stretch of counless guesthouses, backpackers inn, mid-range hotels, restaurants, massage parlours, travel agents, tattoo shops and many.

Khao San Road
So much that even in the day time you get to feel the party spirit in mid air. The atmosphere was rich and filled with night life scenes. Since its day time, I would say its full of young hipsters with interesting on goings. What caught my surprise was those street peddlers making fake identity cards, licenses card or any certification you can think of.

You can even find food stalls in the middle of no where. Look at this Phad Thai Stall!

Street Food
What's after Khao San Road? We walked back to the Pier and rode the boat back to the main land.

It was Friday evening and we decided to check out the stalls in Chatuchak but unfortunately we were told by one of the securities that many of the stalls owners were still not back from their New Year holiday and most of them would either return on that night or the following week.

Roads were narrow and we could see that vehicles gradually drove in as the sun set completely. At least we started to see some light from those who were working that day even though we were bearing the disappointments after walking pass those rows of unopened stalls.

A few stall that Opened
I don't know which portion of the market when we were but the food stall did perk us up.

"Wait for Noodle Soup with chicken" Food Stall
We walked in further and was attracted by their chicken rice which stated "oily rice with steamed chicken".


Sitting at the makeshift tables and chairs enjoying a simple plate of their oily rice with chicken which cost us less than $2 SGD. Juding from the plate, the rice and chicken was not as oily as described. Soup was rather tasty with fluffy fragrant rice.

Oily Rice with Steam Chicken - 50 Baht

Chicken was tender but not too much of additional taste and it boiled  down to the point to its original kampong's chicken taste. The skin of the chicken was in dull yellow color and went well in the set.


Besides taking BTS, you can take MRT as an alternative as it send you direct to its door step.


Night at Chatuchak
The day may seem hectic with so much movements on the island and into their night market but all were worthwhile spending our time.  We rewarded ourselves with a sumptuous dinner at Suda Restaurant before calling off a day which also marked our last night here in Bangkok.

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