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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Best of Noodle Boat

Everyone was talking about the Boat Noodles near Victory Monument and I thought I should be persistent and not having ourselves to leave Bangkok with regrets even after the fail visit on New Year eve.

It was our last breakfast in Bangkok for the trip and once again we headed to Victory Monument, this time round with better navigation as we have been there once. Traffic was better and it was just another beautiful day for us.

Victory Monument
So much of the crave and wish was finally granted. The Best of Noodle Boat had resume its operation after their New Year's Holidays in early January.

The Best of Noodle Boat
Eating place is located beside the river but fret not, there is no foul smell from the river even if you choose to eat by the open area.

Dining area is spacious and airy with ample of ventilation with ceiling fans installed if you are dining by the side of the river.

Seating by the river
 If you want an air conditioned environment, just head over to another side of their dining area.

Over into the dining area
Interior dining  was painted in orange on its ceiling and walls are covered with white and brown tiles.

The servings of a bowl of boat noodles is known for their mouthful of noodles with gravy and ingredients. The amount of food per bowl is undeniably "kids serving" or even lesser than that. Apparently the prices per bowl had changed from 10 Baht to 12 Baht now but even so, it bowl cost no more than a dollar when converted into Singapore dollars.

Noodles Thicken Soup with Pork - 12 Baht
Having tasted Bangkok's fiery boat noodles, we were aware of hot spicy it could became and requested for less spiciness. However the level of spice level still exceeded my threshold.Noodles were flavourful and rich with meat ball and pork / beef with cut kang kong.

Noodles Thicken Soup with Beef - 12 Baht
Noodles Sour soup portion came with a slice of "Char Siew" (pork) with peanuts and beansprouts in a sweet soury broth. Its presentation was different from the thicken soup version.

Noodles Sour Soup with Pork - 12 Baht

They asked if we wanted some add on with a bowl of cracker in their hands and we agreed even though we have no idea since they were talking in Thai. After that we figured out that it was actually a bowl of crispy fried pork skin. It was not oily and also not my favourite.

Streaky Pork with Crispy crackling - 12 Baht
The fried dumplings has no meat in it. Instead, its only fried dumplings skin. Similarly, it was not oily.

Fried Dumplings - 12 Baht
These are what we ordered for two pax. It's not uncommon to people ordering so many bowls due to their bite size portion servings. Cups of ice were all ready at the side of the table in case you need to put out the fire in your mouth. Haha!

Our Order
Meat ball were good and springy. For those who can take more spice, dab these meatballs into the given chilli, its "shiokingly" good.

Pork Meatball - 200 Baht
It seems that I didnt get enough of Bangkok's Meatball! They were really good!

Our humble breakfast meal with only 10 bowls completed. Having tried its competitor's (Pranakorn Noodle Restaurant) Boat Noodle which were located nearby. I find that Pranakorn is better. No matter which stall you go, I find that if you are visiting or in Bangkok, having their boat noodles is a worthy experience. Cheap and good, just dine like the locals!

Finished Bowls

The Best Of The Boat Noodles
Location: Sutyot Kuetiau Lua Payak Phaya Thai Bangkok 10400, Thailand

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