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Monday, March 9, 2015

Tha Siam Noodle

Thanks to my Thai pal who initiated the meetup in Central Plaza Ladprao which gave me a chance to explore one's of Bangkok's largest mall.

Of all popular choices like MK, Starbucks, pizzahut, krispy kreme, Secret Garden to Fuji Japanese Restaurant in the mall, we settled down with Thai Food at last.

Tha Siam has its business name written in Thai and was rather crowded. Luckily the restaurant is children friendly with adequate walkway for a pram to be pushed to its end.

Tha Siam Facade
Interior was modern and spacious, well lit.

Upon seeing its menu, I was somehow worried as I thought they were all printed in Thai but luckily every dish comes with a some elaboration in English.

Having tried boat noodles for breakfast, I thought such spicy noodles falls under same category and  were of close taste. Though we had requested to reduce its spice, it was a fair bit of challenge for us. Noodles portion was closer to our heart. Fish-balls, pork and liver were great to go with the thick herb gravy among the noodles.

Spicy Noodles with Pork and Liver - 62
While this bowl of noodles was a level up from the former and more for the adventurous kind with glass tendon included. They were as good and yummy!

Spicy Noodle with Pork, Pork Balls, Liver, Glass Tendon and Herb Soup - 63

The Thai called it "Som Tam" and this Green Papaya Salad is rather common in Thailand, one of the dish you have to try if you go there.This spicy salad was made up of shredded unripe green papaya featuring 5 main tastes of its ingredients: sour lime, hot chilli, salt, fish sauce and sweetness enhanced by palm sugar. In this case, Tha Siam Papaya Salad had peanuts enhancing its fragrance and tomatoes added to taste.

Thasiam Papaya Salad - 99 baht
Chysanthemum was recommended by my pal out of all other drinks. It tasted ordinary filled with sugar syrup and was quite sweet for me but I guess having sweet beverages is part of Thai's culture.

Beverages - Chysanthemum - 39
Deep fried to golden brown perfection in its pleasing colors combination presentation, these plate of slim chicken wings were addictive, lending a crispy exterior and tenderness in its meat.

Fried Chicken Wings - 99 Baht

Fried Rice with Chinese Kale and Salted - 110
I will vote the spicy Grilled pork salad as my favourite side dish! Simply love its refreshing taste from its mint leaves to complement the spice from the hot chilli and cut red onions. Grilled meat came in relatively thick slice, tough and had given us the kick in chewing them.

Spicy Grilled Pork Salad - 105
Not to mention its glass noodles, they were appetizing too. Seafood like prawns and cuttlefish were fresh to go with shredded egg slices being part of it.

Fried Glass Noodle with shrimp in Tamarind Sauce Thai Style - 110 Baht
I cant help but to fall into addiction on their fish balls. Unlike the balls from Singapore, theirs were of more volume, without being too artificially springy. We have these fishy goodies well placed in this elegant glass boat separated by a divider to store its sweet spicy black sauce.

Steamed Fish Balls - 99 Baht
The "boat" contained not just only fish ball but fried anchovies as well as fish cakes. Be warned about the spiciness of the sauce it case it got too hot!

Another View
Aww! So much of good food in Thailand that I hope I can have a bite of everything. Even till now, while typing all these, it really tempts me to go back. I guess I will be back there again soon!

Tha Siam Noodle
Location: Central Plaza Ladprao,1693 Phahonyothin Chatuchak Bangkok 10900 (Level 4)
Nearest Station: MRT - Phahon Yothin (Five minutes across the skywalk from Phahon Yothin MRT station

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