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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Having pass by Hong Guo so many times when I was travelling to Bugis, I have finally actualize the visit. When it comes to Hong Guo, all I can remember is their Signature "Crossing Bridge Noodle" that left me a big impression since day one I passed by their restaurant.

Hong Guo
How did the crossing bridge noodles come about? It was believed that there was once a scholar who was studying hard for his imperial exam on a small island and his wife would bring him food across the bridge but by the time when she reached there, the soup was already cold and noodles were already soggy. Thereafter, she load the boiling soup in a large earthen pot with a thick layer of oil on top so as to act as an insulation in keeping the broth warm. While noodles and ingredients were kept in separate containers. Thus when she arrived, she will mix the ingredients together with noodles added with warm soup. Likewise, in Honguo, bowl of soup still remains warm even after sometime.

Beside the origins of their signature vermicelli / noodle, if you do notice the walls, you will learn more about the chinese myths, especially on the 18 Oddities in Yunan or sometimes they called it 18 wonders of Yuna.

Eighteen Oddities in Yunan

Shanghai Dumplings did strike on the right notes. Marinated minced meat was fine and wrapped by the skin. It was fragrant and perfect on the go with a dab on the ginger and vinegar. It tasted so good that you wont believe you are having Dumplings as they tasted more like XLB (Xiao Long Bao).

Shanghai Dumplings - $5.80
Cross Bridge Noodles is also known as Zhuang Yuan Mi Xian with 15 items (Yunan Rice Noodles, Quail Eggs, Chives, Beancurd Thread, Dried Shrimp, Fried Meat, Spring Onion, Fish, Dou Miao, Sze Chuan Vegetables, Mushrooms, Button Mushroom, Ham, Prawn, Fried Peanuts and Squid).

Crossing Bridge Noodles - $9.50
Their soup is double boiled for hours with selected duck, chicken and pork thus the tasty and flavorful broth.

How to eat? When everything arrive with boiling soup, just put those items that required more time to cook into it like Seafood, meat and quail eggs, followed by the vegetables.

Broth with ingredient added
Finally, with the chopsticks, pour in the noodles.

And enjoy while its hot. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for nourishing food like this.

When you mix everything in
The Black Pepper Beef Fried Noodle was overpowering in taste especially with its black pepper. It was very oily too, perhaps not suitable to the locals here in Singapore. It was such strong that our throats were at its mercy. However, it's featuring the spiciness of what a Sze Chuan dish should be.

Black Pepper Beef Fried Noodle - $9.50
In Summary, the food that we had ordered was better than average perhaps only the last dish that did have a taste close to our heart. Service was efficient with servers promptly clearing away used trays and dishes away. Overall Honguo is a good choice if you want to have something less than $10 a dish in a cooling environment.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Hong Guo

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