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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Blue Garden Korean BBQ [Closed]

With the recent implementation of free shuttle bus service to and fro HillV2 from neighbouring residences, I have observed a increase in the headcounts of patrons.

We seen through their glass panels and was somehow drawn to the number of person in Blue Garden Korean BBQ and thought that it will be a crowd-pleaser. Since we have been thinking hard about what to have in HillV2 for dinner for hours, we headed into the restaurant and waited for them to attend to us.

We were guided to a table with Ipad ordering. However the interface was not that user friendly and requires to enter a table number which cannot be find anywhere on the table. It is better to get assistance before "checking out" the items ordered.

Ipad Ordering

Unlike that one located in Link Hotel, Blue Garden Korean BBQ in HillV2 does not offer Buffet style, it's more of ala carte. BBQ is operated by gas stove with a cylinder in it and there is an adjustable exhaust point above every table.

Dining Environment
Adjustable exhaust pipe
Ventilator / Exhaust
Chilled tea featuring popular artiste, Jun Ji-hyun was served as soon as we got our seats. Capacity of the bottle was rather little and each time can fill up to about 4 full cups which is a table of 4, thus we have to keep requesting for refills.

Beverage with Jun Ji -hyun
Like most korean dining places, they come with refillable sides like beansprouts, kimchi, fried vermicelli, potato salad, anchovies with peanuts etc.


Fried vermicelli was peppery and tasty which reminds me of some instant noodle. Its texture was quite rubbery though. Since it was refillable, you may want to control abit as this will fill up the stomach quickly.

Rice Vermicelli
Salad was filled with pickles, carrots and lettuce in a citrus sauce.


Out of all side dishes, I think the Korean Steamed Egg Casserole is the best. It came in a sizzling pot contained the wobbly moisture  sweet tasting egg. It quite disappointing as the range of sides was not as wide as expected.

Steam Egg

Army Stew was served on a portable gas stove over the fire. It has a lip-smackingly good kimchi base with various meats like SPAM, hotdogs, sausages, ramen noodles, vegetables, onions, mushrooms, rice cake etc.

Army Stew (Budae Jjigae) - $35

Army Stew with Noodles
One Serving

Sauce like this with cut yellow onions soaked in vinegar are great pairing for the barbecued meat.


Slices of pork belly came with mushroom, yellow onion and oyster mushroom.


Marinated Beef (Beef Samgyeop) - $25
Initially they started assist us with the barbecuing but they were so busy and got caught up by other tables and by the time they come over to our table, food was either under overcook or under-cook. It seemed that there was a manpower shortage and its quite obvious that with just a few ladies, its not enough to handle the crowd at dinner time.

BBQ Pork Belly
We ended up barbequing our own food and none of them had approached us and ask if to take over. Instead, they continued clearing the tables when there was no more incoming queues. Did their priorities go wrong?

BBQ Meat
Meat above are best to be consumed together when wrapped in the vegetables with korean bean sauce, garlic and other sauce available.

Sauce & Garlic
One thing to note that even though there are air ventilators installed, we smelled like walking Korean BBQ when we are done with the meal.

Food was mediocre and on top of that service was below par. We had to wave frantically in order to get attention in topping up our teas. To make matter worst, we have to adopt the "Do It Yourself" method in a Korean restaurant by cooking the food and cutting them ourselves. Giving such service standards and food quality, it will be hard that my friend and I will make a return. Service Tax of 10% and 7% GST will be charged. The total bill for 3 person sums up to $124.76 including taxes.

Rating: 2.5 / 5  
Blue Garden Korean BBQ 
Location: Hill V2, 4 Hillview Rise #01-09 Singapore 667979

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