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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

U Mi Chiak [Closed]

U Mi Chiak is spotted by one of my helpful colleagues when he is having his usual meal in the neighbourhood food centre. By reading its dialect business name, it is obvious that it is directly translated from Chinese.

U Mi Chiak is one of the rare few hawker stalls in Singapore featuring little eats from the Sarawak, mainly their special noodle called "Kampua Mi" if you have not heard of.

U Mi Chiak
Kampua mee was first introduced to me when other colleague of mine from Sarawak brought them back from their hometown. Kampua mee looks similar to our Mee Kia, however they have different texture. The bite on them is in fact finer than the normal mee kia.

Kampua Mi - $3.50
 Kampua Mee is usually served with seasoned minced meat and slices of char siew loaded with shallot oils, fried shallows and spring onion to bring out the delicacies favour. The dish is some way similar to our Wanton Mee just that instead of wanton, fishballs are provided.

Ingredients Close up

" Bian Rou" when translated, literally means "flat meat". They look similar to our wantons in chinese cuisine as minced meat was wrapped with a translucent skin.Perhaps the only difference is that the soup has the taste of vinegar which is on a slight sour base.

Bian Rou Soup - $3
Close up on Bian Rou
Singapore and Penang Laksa is quite common in the hawkers but not Sarawak's. Sarawak's laksa is more on a sour side and are generally not strong in coconut milk taste. Bee Hoon used is generally thinner. The taste is special and rather distinctive, if you like it you will like it.

Sarawak Laksa - $4

Rating: 3.5 / 5

U Mi Chiak
Location: Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre, 1 Yung Sheng Road #03-168 Singapore 618499

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