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Friday, January 2, 2015

New Green Pasture

The thought of bringing our Guest who is a Vegetarian to Fortune Centre was a perfect eyeopener to him. He was amazed by the varieties of Vegetarian food available in Singapore and was somehow had his feet sweep off by the interesting looking food and he kept asking repeatingly to confirm that what he was consuming was actually vegan.

New Green Pasture
Based on my recommendations and since my last visit in 2013 (Blog Here) with New Green Pasture had left a good impression, we brought him to the exact same place instead of other - afterall Fortune Centre is a place full of eateries for the vegans.

Interior of New Green Pasture stays the same, nothing much changes since my last visit with pictures of their dishes pasted all over the walls for illustration. When further asked if they do offered Cze Char Style Vegetarian Food, the lady boss brought out her concern on organic food. She explained that Organic Food should be served in simple cooking method to refrain themselves from losing its nutritional values.


Beverages are in packed form, 100% with no added preservatives and can be taken from the chiller near the entrance.

Luo Han Guo Tea - $1.40

Those who are ordering meals get to enjoy a bowl of soup at a dollar. The soup was tasty filled with nutritious herbs, dates and pumpkins. Soup is required to be of self service by the patrons and can be obtained from the pot near the utensils counter. All was good except that this additional 1 buck does not entitled us for refilling the soup.

Soup of the Day - $1

I'm kind of missing the taste of their Hainanese Noodle, being so and here it is! Though gravy was not as much as before, they still tasted as good, full of texture! This Signature Dish is still maintaining its reputation yah.

Hainanese Noodle - $8.50

Everyone should have heard of Thunder Rice and its nutritional value. How could an organic stall be one without having such dish on its menu. Well, this is also one of their recommended dishes. Patrons are given the choice of brown or white rice.

Thunder Rice- $10
Apparently my guest had chosen the brown rice. After a few sips of the tea gravy, he began to pour the whole bowl of it into the rice. Luckily, it suits him and everything on the bowl was cleared.


If you are going for something soup based, it won't go wrong with their herbal infused mee sua in soup loaded with items like sweetcorn, jews ear, vegetables and tau gua.

Herbal Mee Sua - $8.50
Sri Lanka Roll was the dish that left me a strong impression for New Green Pasture. I vaguely recalled and warned my guest  that it was a tad spicy before we all agreed to have this. Simply love its toasted to crisp wrap/roll and the soften diced potato. The luscious curry and vegan mayo gave a perfect marriage to the dish!

Sri Lanka Roll - $7.50
New Green Pasture do even have the Japanese Cuisine in Vegetarian form. My view coming from a non-vegetarian: stunned. Now it sound that nothing is impossible - anything that can be found in non-vegetarian restaurant can be in vegan's menu too.

Japanese Bento Set - $11
Boy! I'm still impressed by New Green Pasture's innovation! This dish is a replica of our traditional "Kang Kong Cuttlefish" in sweet sauce! However ingredients were replaced to suit the vegan's diet. There were riots of texture on the plate. Coral Jelly gave a slimy and QQ texture, while the toasted tau pok, kang kong, cucmber and crackers gave the crunch while tomato and pineapple giving the juiciness in the dish. All of us left a thumb up for this appetizer!

Coral Jelly Salad - $12

It was really enjoyable to experience vegan's diet throughout my guest's visit.  Though the Taupok salad may sounds boring, the dish itself did the contrast! Toasted Taupok were crispy and overly filled with shredded vegetables like purple cabbages, carrots and green cabbles drizzled with mayonnaise sauce.

Taupok Salad - $7.50

With such interesting dishes available in New Green Pasture, there is no reason not to visit them again!

Rating: 4 / 5
New Green Pasture Cafe
Location:  Fortune Centre, 190 Middle Road, #04-22 Singapore
Contact Number: 63368755
Opening Hours: 11am-8pm, Tuesdays to Sundays

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