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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Thai Noodle House

I had visited Thai Noodle House more than a decade ago and one day when I was back in that area for Penang Food, I chanced upon this restaurant again and note it down to visit the next round. With the well taken shots of their delicious delicacies on the restaurant facade, its hard to resist myself from entering into Thai Noodle House.

Thai Noodle House

Interior was neat with checked flooring and decorations on the wall are mainly either pictures of their thai cuisine or awards won by them over the years.

One of the classic from a Thai restaurant - the lemongrass drink. Absolutely refreshing especially when it was served chilled. Sweetness level is subtle.

Lemongrass Drink - $2.50

No doubt that the Thai Fish Cake is a popular Thai street snack and iconic thai dish, I got a shock when I had the first look into the basket of 4 as it comes out that one small piece of fish cake cost $2.50 which I personally felt that it is very expensive.

Fish cakes were fried to brown in color with a glossy appearance. Suace comes with thai chilli in chopped peanuts and cut cucumbers adding crunch and additional texture to the dipping sauce.

Thai Fish Cake - $10
The first bite of it had took the expensive thought in me away. The fish cakes were very bouncy and fragrant with the kaffir lime leaves. Bites from the french beans in the fish cake added another level of crunch to them. The dish was suppose to be shared but I could not resist and end up having more than half of them.

Close up
The typical black broth beef soup with the thin size kway teow. Soup was sweet with beef balls, brisket and cubes. Stewed beef was very tender. We still like the beef noodle soup very much though we all knew that  lots of MSG was used.

Beef Noodle Soup - $8

For a $3 portion, the bowl seems too small to match with its price. Thai red ruby was served chilled with ice cubes and diluted coconut milk. Simply refreshing with crunchiness from the chestnuts.

Thai Red Ruby - $3
Service was quick and friendly, helpful and with a smile. Considering its authenticity and the Thai Cooks in the kitchen, a return trip here is highly possible.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Thai Noodle House
Location: Coronation Arcade, 5 Coronation Road, #01-03 Singapore 269406

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