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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mala Hot Pot

Now that the Mala trends have hit my group of Kakis, its inevitable for me to get involve in such spicy adventures from the neighbourhood. This time round we have discover the Mala Hot Pot from one of the S11 located in Taman Jurong.

Though the name "Mala Hot Pot" is similar, their signboard has already told us that the version of Mala is identifiable base on the part of China that is originated. As for this Mala Hot, its apparent that the cuisine and style will follow suit to what people have in North-East (Dong Bei) China.

Mala Hot Pot
There are 3 categories of food whereby the price are charged differently and customers have to place the selected items on the plate base on similar prices. A look into the chiller kind of turned me off with the color of the food - the meat did not look fresh as it is and vegetables were yellowish.

Food Selection (raw)
Unlike the Mala Stall which I had patronised earlier on, this Mala Hot Pot stall does not offer the soup version but if its preferred, they will try to accommodate diners. The items which we had chosen were ready in about 15 minutes, beautifully done in a heap, cut and served on a huge plate. Roasted peanutes and sesame seeds were used to level up the taste level.

Mala Portion - $18.90
With no indication of the level of spiciness, the hawkers gave us the default level. I would say the level of spiciness is spicy but tolerable, a good trick to survive through this meal is to equip with some drinks by the side to less the hotness. In between the bites, I get to chew on some peppercorns and dry chilli. Having this meal was shiok and kept my nose runny. A packet of tissue by the side will be handy too.

After mixing
The Mala Hot Pot is best to pair along with a bowl of white rice or rather if you want have an experience of its traditional way of dining, you may get the big "Man Tou". The Man Tou is huge and I cannot even finished all up. It was twice as big as my fist size, hard at the exterior but as you peel it will reveal its softness internally.

Man Tou
Even though the price of the food is determined by weight, it is definitely cheaper than what we previously had in the malls with similar quantity.

Personally till now, I still did not find the kind of joy in eating something coated with chilli and oil over the meals like my friend do. Perhaps, the aftermath of such meal often leads to an upset tummy but still a good experience gained from the China Cultures.

Rating: 3 / 5

Mala Hot Pot
Location: 3 Yung Sheng Road, S11 Coffeshop Singapore 618499

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