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Thursday, November 13, 2014


Eat all you can at the house of Sukiyaki and Shabu shabu at an affordable price.

Interior dining was welcoming with round table and cushioned seats for groups dining under warm orange lighting. Walkways were spacious and dining area was divided into sectors.

Dining Environment
For those who like Japanese Hot Pot style for sukiyaki and shabu shabu may want to consider their buffet. Drinks are not included in their "All You Can Eat" menu but can be upgraded at a charge with unlimited flow.

All You Can Eat

Free Flow of Honey Lemon
A detailed piece of instruction was placed on the dining table for diners' understanding and to properly enjoy the process of sukiyaki as well as shabu shabu. Even the types of broth was stated in the paper when it comes to pairing the sauces. This really give an overall idea!

There are only an island of self serving counters, front and back for diners to pick noodles, processed food, sauces as well as vegetables. Though the spread may not be that extensive as most buffet restaurant but it was all good enough.

Self Help Station - Vegetables
Plates were all laid out on the dining table and no extras were given.

Under the healthy bar section, do pick the items up.

Healthy Bar
If you are going to take their cheese balls, be careful when they were ready to be served.

Be Careful of Scalding Hot Cheese!

Tubs of sauces as well as condiments were laid up

Sauce Bar
This is really spicy!

Miso-Tare (Soy Bean Paste)
There are 6 types of soup broth for diners to choose from, sukiyaki, laksa, kimchi, tonyu miso, butaniku and shabu shabu. We had chosen laksa and Sukiyaki for the base. The pot was placed on an induction cooker with controllers by the side of the table.

Laksa was fragrant and thick which fills the stomach easily whereas sukiyaki sauce was a combination of sweet and salty taste, more towards my likings.

Laksa and Sukiyaki Broth
Each tray comes with 5 pieces of sliced pork, they were in thin slices. 3 kinds of meat, pork, beef and chicken were available. However one can opt for unlimited wagyu beef at an additional of $10.

Sliced Pork
Do remember to take your cooked meat pieces and dipped into the raw eggs to enjoy!


You can order and take as many servings as you want but do keep in mind that patrons are reminded not to waste food, if not there will be a wastage charges at the end of the total bill.

Shrooms are fresh, very suitable to soaked in the pot of sukiyaki broth.


Tau Pok for the Laksa

There are no rice to pair with the sukiyaki items but they do have udons, ramen as well as vermicelli to fill your stomach a little.

Udon, Vermicelli and vegetables
And Ta-da we have our laksa and sukiyaki pot filled with items.

Hot Pot filled!

Toppings selection for ice cream was rather limited with rainbow rice, chocolate rice, cornflakes and peanuts.

Toppings for the Ice Cream
Only vanilla ice cream was available at the time of visit and be prepared to dispense your own ice cream from the machine! Though it was chilled, the ice cream mixture was not served in its best condition for its base had melted very quickly.

Vanilla Ice Cream
Besides having ice cream as dessert, here's another alternative!

Fresh fruits like watermelon were also available.

Overall, service was abit lacking here and there - they seems to be understaffed.  We were frantically waving countless times to catch attention. Other than that, I would say that Suki-ya is a good gathering place for groups to catch up while enjoying their buffet meals.

Rating: 3 / 5

Location: Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-18B/183C Singapore 039594

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