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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Naughty Nuri

Highly raved for its pork ribs, Naughty Nuri is one of the places that I'm looking forward to during my recent Bali Trip.

The queue guides placed outside Naughty Nuri's restaurant wasnt a surprise afterall it was quite reputable and was noted as a must try place recommended by one of my friends

Sunday Special Menu
I was amazed by the interesting signage at its entrance where it stated a warning mentioning that "No Stupid People beyond this point".

No Stupid People Beyond This Point
Just at the entrance while waiting, you will get to see some wood crafted figurine welcoming us.

Please Wait to be Seated
Also we get to have a full live demostration of them grilling up the orders. These intermittent aroma from the grills are making our hunger pangs even harder.

Preparing the Grills

A step further into the restaurant was indeed very fun and welcoming with the arts of those piggy and even with the flying pig holding a glass of beer hanging all way down from the ceiling.

Flying Pig

While Miss Piggy was lying on her side also hanging from the ceiling.
 Besides having the art pieces and decors which took away alot of attention from most of the diners,they do have a table soccer for diners to play with.


One of the best thing is that the restaurant have big tables to cater big groups of diners.

Group Dining
The place was big with huge benches even further deeper into the restaurant near its kitchen.

Further into the restaurant
Settings are just as causual with plants and ponds in the surrounding.

Garden Dining
Even the ponds are filled with stone made scuplture featuring the cute little pigs.

And a gentle reminder was given not feed the pigs.


Pig in the pond
Even in their toilets, naughty signs are placed everywhere.

In the ladies
Toilets are clean.



Ice Lemon Tea - 20k Rupiah

Beside Pork Ribs, they do have pasta for diners.

Bolognese Sphagetti

Part of the Promotional Package (Naughty Package 2) that comes with 1/2 Pork RIbs & Ribs Soup, steamed rice, dessert and Bintang Draft. One thing that we noticed was that the crackling skin from the pork contains some strands of hair from the pig which some of us find it a turned off.

Promotional Set Meal - 184k ++ Rupiah

Coated with delicious BBQ sauce, the pork ribs are fork tender and succulent with a slightly charred exterior. Half a lime is given to enhance its taste. Pork ribs comes with 2 sizes, half rack and full rack.

Pork Ribs (Half Rack)
A slight force exerted and the meat just fall off, one of the best food I had in Bali.

Close up on the Ribs
When it comes to the pork chop, the applied the same BBQ sauce over. It was tender and tasted great but if you asked if I prefer the ribs or the chop, honestly I will vote for the former.

Pork Chop - 100k Rupiah
Going closer to the paintings, they are actually for sale with a price tagging to them.

Art Pieces

And look at their window grills, wow!

Window Grills
For those who like to purchase souvenirs from their merchandise, just head right to the shop next to them.

The wall was artstically painted with the Naughty Nuri's piggy theme.

Naughty Oleh Oleh
When I thought all naughty decorations were kept within the restaurant, I was quite surprise to see the road signage right in front of their shop. Amazing!

Pig Crossing Road Sign
Everything was fabulous except that perhaps we have to take note that the restaurant does not accept credit cards and wifi is not available.

Naughty Nuri's Warung
Location: Jalan Batubelig, 41 (Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta, Bali)

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