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Friday, October 31, 2014

Jimbaran, Bali

Another place in Bali that you may want to consider visiting is Jimbaran to see the beautiful sun sets before the sky turns dark.

Jimbaran Bay itself is a pleasant white sand beach, clean and with wide beautiful sky above us. The sunset timing may various due to different time of the year, it is best to check with the locals to avoid any disappointments.

White Sky
It is one of a popular tourist attractions as well, getting them enjoying the wonderful natural breeze and dining by the sea.

Dining By the Beach
There is a stretch of restaurant available in Jimbaran Bay and during dining, there are local cultural arts live performances to keep the diners entertained. Tables and chairs were all arrange on the sandy beach.

Sun setting Colors
We went ahead with Grand Matahari Cafe as recommended by the driver. The cafe is equipped with free wifi for their guests.

Grand Matahari Cafe

Even many of us came for the scenary and dining outdoors, the restaurant still do provide dining indoors.

Dining Environment Interior
Dining by the sea experience was a real joy, perhaps things that we need to take note for those who are prone to mosquitoes bite may considering applying some repellant before visiting the place.

Drinks Menu

Another thing to note during dining will be where we are seated. Be extra careful as the legs of the chair may sink into the sank due to our weight.

Beautiful Nature
Set meal menu had been prepared base on the number of diners and their portions, thus diner do not have to worry about matching their seafood on the platter.


However, if you do not want to take up their package meal, those seafood can be ordered separately in their ala carte menu.

Ala carte Menu
 As soon as we sat down on the seats, we ordered our thirst quencher individually. While most of us ordered fruit juices.

Honey Dew Juice

Pineapple Juice

Watermelon Juice

And I had the safest choice of all, fresh coconut drink.

Coconut Drink

Vegetables soup was served shortly after beverages. It tasted like Mee Soto Soup but in vegetables and fried onion version. Addictive but alot of MSG was added.

Vegetables Soup

The main course consist of fish, grilled prawns, calms, calamari, crabs and lobster. Food did not  appeal to us as they were rather dry and below expectations. Perhaps out of the whole plate, the only thing that stands out better than the rest was its clams coated in tangy tomato sauce.

Type C

While type D package was generally an upgrade version from Type C with more prawns, calamari, calms and heavier fish. The taste was still a far cry.

Type D

And from the ala carte menu, as usual we had ordered some vegetables to strike a good balance with the meat. Awwww... They were really dry.

Stir Fried Kang Kong
And Rice was placed in a basket and is refillable. That marked my dinner at the first day of Bali.

Refillable White Rice
Beautiful sunset had soon turned darker in about an hour time and we were seem dining in the dark even though there are some beach lights by the side. I guess its best to have our food eaten before the sky turns dark and enjoy the performance thereafter.

Night Scene
We spend about $50 SGD for 5 pax.

In Summary, I would say going there to Jimbaran is more of a scenery enjoyment than the food. Perhaps one can lower down the expectation on the food from those beach restaurants. The beautiful sunset and the constant sound of nature from the wave and sea breeze are still heavenly.

Grand Matahari Cafe
Location: Kedonganan Beach, Jimbaran Beach, Kuta, 80361, Bali, Indonesia

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